Mystery School

The Black Swan Temple offers training to become and legally ordained Priestess or Priest.  We offer training can be done long distance through our online Mystery School as well as in person classes, workshops and apprenticeship.

Mystical Alchemist Foundations Online Course

This course is the foundation of our Mystery School Teachings based on ancient Essene Sevenfold Path of Peace Practices.
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  • Learn powerful skill for grounding, cleansing chakras, aura and balancing your energy field
  • Activate and heighten your intuition
  • Experience more inner peace replica watches replica watches replica watches
  • Become more aware of energy
  • Create healthy boundaries and psychic protection
  • Become a conduit of healing and inspiration

Receive 7 Weekly Video Lessons delivered to your inbox and unlimited access to our private Facebook Group.
Guided by Heather Salmon and produced at the Black Swan Temple by Donny Regal (Maui, Hawaii).
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Also available through personal cyber mentoring … inquire >>> email or call 310-415-8821

Mystical Alchemist Practitioners Program (13 months)  
This program is offered via conference call as well as in person retreats or extended internship at the Black Swan Temple.
Bi-Weekly Conference Calls
* Essene Meditation Advanced
* Dream Practices
* Energy Healing
* Psychic Development Advanced
* Cleansing & Purification Practices
* Female Mysteries & Energy Work
* Shadow Work
* Ritual & Ceremony, Astrology and Practicum
* Astral Travel
Maui In Person 10 Day Training Required
* Energy Healing Level 1
* Energy Healing Advanced
* Vibrational Sound Healing
* House & Property Clearings & Blessings
* Reiki Levels 1 & 2

Mystical Alchemist Seminary School & Ordination Program (9 months)
* Art of Creation
* Official Rites
* Seminary Thesis Assignments & Project