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By Priestess Heather Salmon, Spiritual Director, Black Swan Temple

Welcome to the Super Moon Power Portal!  Not only is it Solstice marking the longest days of the year, but it’s also the biggest Super Full Moon of 2013.   The Full Strawberry Moon is 30% brighter and appears 14% bigger than usual and we are ripe for picking and spiritual ascension!

So what is all of this extra light illuminating in your life at the moment?  Are you having a breakdown or break through?  Or a bit of both???


This extra light might be shining on some of the things that are out of alignment, stuffed down or in our closets!  If so, it is time to bring it all out to get some air, cleansing and healing.  You can transform!  We are always transforming!

Or is this extra light shining down on some of those dreams you have dreamed that are coming true to fruition?  If this is the case take a moment to give thanks, celebrate and enjoy!

Keep working at it, the Moon in Capricorn says!  Persevere!  Yes mama Cancer Sun agrees as she welcomes you into the Love and magnificence that you are!  I’m so proud of you!  Keep dreaming and growing!  You are doing it!  Being it!  I love you!

Take a moment to declare your dreams now!

If possible, on June 22nd and or 23rd go outside and take a moon bath and super charge your goals with the following these easy steps!

1.  Gratitude – Like attracts like and lack attracts lack.  So bring yourself into a positive loving vibration and this will help to attract even more of that!  Contemplate something that you are grateful for or that you love and care about.  Let it grow like a smile in your heart!

2.  Envision – engage all of your senses – sight, sound, smell, feeling, taste … make it strong!  What are your dreams and goals for the next year and 5 years?  How about 10 years?

3.  Anchor – touch together you thumb and forefinger, anchoring your intentions on a cellular level.  Also, write your goals down!

4.  Let It Go – give it up to Spirit declaring that this is your idea!  May this or something even greater manifest!  Let it go and know that the Universe is conspiring to support you!

5.  Validate yourself!  Love yourself up!  Open to guidance, inspiration and support!

Let us know how you are doing during this time.  Share your story here!  Let us celebrate together.  Let us grieve together.  Let us come together, help and reunite as the Rainbow Tribe we’ve been waiting for.  We are here!




-4Welcome to the 7 Sacred Days of Equinox and Solstice Empowerment Ritual!   At these pivotal times of year we can use the energies to grow, make changes and transform more easily than any other time of the year!

This ritual contains the following information:

1.  Setting a Sacred Space
2.  Your Manifestation and Release Worksheet
3.  The 7 Day Ritual

Please note that the Equinoxes and Solstices and vary in date every year.  This is meant to be started 3 days before the actual Equinox/Solstice and concluded 3 days after.

For example:

Summer Solstice 2013

Thursday, June 20th @ 7:04pm HI/ 10:04pm PT/ & Friday, June 21st 1:04am ET

BEGIN:  1st Day would be Monday, June 17th on the North America West Coast/ Tuesday June 18th East Coast

COMPLETE:  Sunday, June 23rd West Coast/ Monday, June 24th East Coast

Winter Solstice:  December 21st – ritual spans Dec. 18-24

Vernal Equinox:  March 20th, ritual days (March 17-23)
Summer Solstice:  June 21st, ritual spans (June 18-24)

Creating a Sacred Space

To create a sacred space in which to do this spiritual work, find a place in your home that will be relatively undisturbed.

Begin by cleansing the space with some sage or washing it down with some salt water.

Items to be placed on the Altar:

1.  Candle (Fire)
2.  Bowl with some Earth
3.  A bowl filled 3/4 with Water & 3 drops of oil (any kind, olive oil is great)
4.  An Empty bowl (representing Air)

In addition to these elements you can add anything that you calls to you which feels sacred.  For example:  pictures, aromatherapy, things from nature, etc.

The 7 Day Daily Ritual

Center yourself and light the candle.

Spend a few minutes gazing into the flame to clear anything that might be pulling at you in this moment.

Write out on a small piece of paper the corresponding itemized list for the day.

Fold it in 1/2 and then fold it in 1/2 again

Hold the paper in one hand and then with the other:
1) dip your fingers into the Water
2) hold them over the Flame
3) touch the Earth
4) swirl your fingers clockwise in the empty bowl
5) take the paper and light it with the flame and let it fall into the Earth
6) spend 5-15 minutes in meditation.  When releasing it is good to gaze into the candle flame during this time as it is very purifying.  When empowering, envision your new outcome as already manifested — see, feel, experience yourself as already actualizing what you are desiring to manifest.  Give it up to Spirit, closing with “Thy will be done” and know that this or something more in alignment with your soul purpose shall come to fruition.


Days 1-3 Embracing the Shadow

If you are Human, you have a Shadow side.  The Shadow side of self holds all of those energies, thought patterns and habits we are taught to deem as bad and make us feel fearful and unworthy.  So we usually stuff them down, try to ignore or deny them, pretend they don’t exist.  We can end up hiding behind a mask our whole lives, showing the world only those parts of our selves we want everyone to see so people will “love” and accept us.  But under pressure, fatigue other circumstances when our guards and masks come down, our scary shadow may come up and make themselves clearly known!  Feelings we stuff down into our dark shadowy sides can include anger, fear, greed, hostility, controlling, aggressive, addictive behaviors.  The things we stuff into the dark recesses our our beings are all of the things we consider “unacceptable” and need to be controlled often end showing up as disease, dysfunctional relationships or addictions.  Truly stuffing and ignoring is not the “soul”-ution, the path to enlightenment is one that can be present to everything.  To be divine is to be whole.  When we are finally able to embrace our “shadow” selves and when we stop running from it and include it, we open our hearts to the possibility of true freedom.


Day 1:  Declare the patterns of behavior (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical) that are up for healing and transformation  (2-4 items).  For example addictions, compulsions, habits (smoking, drinking, sugar, caffeine, etc.)

Day 2:  Declare emotional tendencies you want to release, heal or transform (2-4 items). Examples, Feeling too angry too quickly, afraid of being criticized, being over reactive.

Day 3:  Declare the shadow/dark side of yourself that is up for healing and transformation.  Martyrhood, manipulative, controlling, dominating nature, shadow side, dark side of self. (2-4 items)

Day 4:  State all changes in process.  Things that you are currently working on changing and want to continue working on changing (3-4 items) … example you may recognize that you have a fear of intimacy and that you are working on it.  Or you may recognize that you are working on improving your health habits.

Day 5:  State all programming that is ongoing (6-10 items).  Things you are working on manifesting.  Be discerning, realistic … be honest what are you engaged in creating at this particular time.

Day 6:  List new desires – things you want to create within the next 3 month period. (6-10 items)

Day 7:  State and restate personal and global dreams that you don’t necessarily expect to manifest within the next 3 months (2-4 items)


Resource Box

Heather Salmon, BA, CHT, LRflx is the Spiritual Director and High Priestess of the Black Swan Temple and is available for in person or skype healing sessions, consultations and readings.  BlackSwanTemple.org

New Moon in Gemini
Saturday, June 8th
5:56 am HI
8:56 am PT
11:56 am ET
“I communicate”

We now journey into the third month of the first solar cycle of the New Earth paradigm which began with the Aries New Moon in April encouraging us to conceive of seeds of divine inspiration.  Then the Taurus New Moon of magical month of May was all about consciously planting those seeds into the fertile body of our terrestrial mother and collective consciousness.  Now we slither into late spring, a time when Earth gives birth to the symbolic Gemini twins.   The twins represent duality and the necessity to have good communication and social skills to harmoniously navigate our way through life with our Earth family and the various aspects of our own psyches.

With this also being the year of the Black Female Water Snake we are supported in our transformation and continued molting and releasing of old patterns and paradigms that that are surfacing for healing.

These are in intense times. Looking at the news and social media we are bombarded with images and stories of heinous violent crimes in gruesome detail.  Is it really a wonder that we have come to this point where life is imitating the violent media, entertainment and toxicities we have become so accustomed to ingesting?  Is this the reality we really want to see on TV?  This is the prophesied time of the “revealing” meaning that it is a time when much of what was hidden is being brought to the surface for us look at and awaken to the realities of our creations.

“When evil men plot,
Good men must plan.
When evil men burn and bomb,
Good men must build and bind.
When evil men shout ugly words of hatred,
Good men must commit themselves to the glories of Love.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

GMO no The good news is that there is a massive leaderless global movement building to stop the killing fields of Monsanto and protect the divine patterning of our seeds and crops.  Most recent developments include Japan and South Korea banning the import of US GMO wheat due to genetic contamination.  The Prime Minister of Russia issued a stern warning to the US that there is a just cause for war if they continue to support Monsanto through such activities as passing laws to protect them from being sued for growing crops that lead to disease and the destruction of our environment.  In addition, US farmers are now suing Monsanto en masse for genetically polluting their fields. This is the most pressing issue of our time and the movement is thankfully gaining momentum.   It’s time to get fully on board and protect the planet and the health and well being of future generations to come.

This is not a time to fall asleep or give up.  This is a time to continue to vision, plan, get involved and create infrastructures for our new earth paradigm.   So hold fast to your dreams.  Use this time wisely.  Focus, be in action, persevere, polish up your communication and social skills, deepen into your spiritual practice and most of all build a field of love and light with other like minded people to illuminate paths of sustainability, social justice, peace and abundance for all.

Together we are reclaiming our health and wellness and future.  This is what Chief Sonne Reyna said to be the “greatest vision quest” of all time.  Check out our YouTube interview with him!


It is time to return to the sacred.  Please read our blog article about creating sacred space in your home and surroundings!


973536_461425870606459_2113581746_nThere are so many ways to create altars and for so many purposes.  Here is a guide to for the basic elements to consider!

1.  Decide what the purpose of your altar is.

You can have numerous Altars in your home.  Each can have a specific focus or intention.  Some examples of various focuses would be:

  • Meditation

  • Invoking the Sacred Feminine

  • Invoking the Divine Masculine

  • Invoking Peace

  • Manifestation or a particular wish or desire

  • Empowerment of a gift

2.  Choosing a place for your altar

You can create an alter practically anywhere.  There are obviously some things to consider beginning with what the purpose is.

  • Location – if it’s a meditation altar then make sure that it’s in an area where it will be relatively undisturbed and you can sit in front of.

  • Direction – consider the four directions and what they represent relative to the energies you want your altar to activate

    • East – air, new dawn, divine inspiration

    • South – fire, transformation, sexual energy, growth

    • West – water, creativity, passion, emotional energy, whales, dolphins

    • North – earth, physicality, manifestation, nature, animals

  • Feng Shui – if you are familiar with Feng Shui then consider which area you would like to energize  (SEE CHART BELOW)


3.  Cleansing and Clearing

Cleanse the space you would like to create your alter in.  We want to use gentle and non-toxic cleaning solutions which could include:

  • a little apple cider vinegar mixed in water

  • aluminum free baking soda

  • Dr. Bronners liquid soap diluted

  • Simple Green


Clearing – you can energetically clear a space using in a number of simple ways:

  • smudging with sage

  • spritzing with salt water

  • aromatherapy

  • incense

  • feather wand


Continue to cleanse and clear your altar periodically.  Keeping the energies fresh.


2.  Altar Creation

You may consider some of the following in creating your Altar:

  • Deity – finding something that represents the energy photo, statue, symbol

  • Altar Cloth – consider colors

    • Red:  Strengthens the Will.

    • Orange:  Stimulates Creative Potency.

    • Yellow:  Awakens the Intellect of the Higher Mind.

    • Green:  Creates Inner Balance and Harmony.

    • Blue:  Opens Pathways to Inner Knowledge.

    • Indigo:  Spiritual Perception through Devotion.

    • Violet:  Connection to the Spiritual Self, Awakening of Higher Levels of Psychic Perception

    • White – Purifies

    • Black – Removes Negativity

    • Brown – Grounding

    • Gold – Cleansing & Balancing

    • Silver – Feminine energies


Elementals – the elements are our co-creators, honoring and calling upon their assistance with respect and reverence can be very powerful

    • Earth – bowl of earth, crystals (cleansed and charged), lava, bone, fresh flowers, plant, wood

    • Air – woodwind instrument, breath, feathers, incense

    • Earth – dirt, lava, crystal, stone, deer bones, antlers, pine cone, pine, cones,

    • Water – sea shells, bowl of water, rose water, salt, tear drop, dolphin, mermaid, cup of water

    • Fire – candle, picture of a pheonix, passion heart, lightning bolt, lion, photo of a Sun

    NOTE: – Candles embody all elements

3.  Activating your Altar

You can activate your altar:

  • through prayer

  • invoking and calling in the energies and channeling them in through your crown chakra and out through the palms of your hands directing the energy to the altar