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July 22nd

18:17 GMT

2:17 pm EDT

11:17 am PDT

8:15 am HAST


Sun in Cancer

Full Moon in Aquarius

Mary Magdalene Feast Day

Full Moon NamesL  Crane, Moon of Claiming, Summer Moon, Ripe Corn Moon

Buck Moon

Numerology – 7+22+2013 = 8 Executive character and abilities, political skills, expert handling of power and authority, working for a cause, achieving recognition, exercising sound judgment, decisive and commanding.

A calling forth of the healing power of the love of the feminine is all over this full moon.   For we have had a very intense month with the Trayvon Martin case acquittal stirring up some deep issues that are up for healing on our planet.

Whether or not you personally believe that Zimmerman was guilty or innocent it does not really matter.  What matters is that we still face deep seeded issues of oppression that need to be healed if we are to ever experience peace and equanimity on Earth.  Issues of oppression are issues of fear and it’s is time for us to mature and give up old childish ways.
The time is ripe for us heal and move forward.  The Sun in nurturing loving Cancer which is concerned with issues love, family and peace in our home life, the Moon in Aquarius asks us to consider how we can create more of a unified rainbow family and brother/sisterhood of Humanity; and we have a beneficial grand trine with Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter encouraging us to be optimistic and reminding us that we can use our power  and creativity in finding solutions that are just and compassionate as we spiritualize our r/evolution.
So the question is how big is your love?  Can you pour some light to and shine your consciousness to illuminate what is happening?   Can we be present enough to look at these issues and use our intellects to gain positive forward momentum in solving.
Take a moment during this full moon time to reflect on issues of oppression.
How does it affect you?
Where does it come from?
What systems do you think are contribute to the oppression of others?
What unexamined assumptions do you think exist around this issue?
How much diversity to you experience in your life/ your circles?
What do you think that the impact of that is?
What would you like to see and experience?
What do you think are the benefits of diversity?
Let’s open this conversation and post your thoughts to our blog!



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Mystical Alchemy Prayerformances combine ritual, ceremony, sound healing, hypnotherapy, music and dance in profoundly inspiring and transformational way. Each journey offers a unique experience and is guided by the energies of astrology, the cycles of nature as well as planetary and current issues. The born the love child of visionary mystics Donny Regal and Heather Salmon, they bring decades of experience as professional performers, healers and agents of social change.


Artists –    Donny Regal – Keyboards, vocals, production

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These two hour intensives are journey into gentle yoga, vocal sound healing, crystal singing bowl attunements and live music  to rejuvenate, balance, heal and attune to higher levels of consciousness!

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Heather offers one-on-one healing sessions that can help people move through deep healing and to empowered states of being.  She is certified in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki Master and is a Huna Initiate.  At Festivals and Fairs we can set up our 16’ Dome as a healing center for mini sessions!


About the Crystal Singing Bowls

There are those that believe Crystal Singing Bowls are an ancient Lemurian  and Atlantis healing technology that is resurfacing.  Crystal acts as an oscillator, magnifying, and transmitting pure tone. When the bowls are played the sound penetrates into our very cells and re-balances them through oscillation and entrainment. The vibrations move through the spine and diffuse along the nerve pathways to the organs, tissues and cells, in turn affecting blood circulation and metabolism. Crystal Singing Bowl therapy also helps to balance the hemispheres of the brain, the Sacred Energy Centers of the body and re-energize the auric field. Healing is thus made possible on all levels and an alignment with the Higher Self is created and grounded on a cellular level.


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Our Bio’s…

Heather Salmon and Donny Regal co-created Mystical Alchemy in 2011 and are a dynamic duo shakti/shiva union dedicated to inspiring the creation of a sustainable, just and peace filled World. Together they weave Mystical Alchemy’s sonic journeys with world music in adventures into the realms of Illumination!

Rev. Donny Regalmuto, Co-Founder, Spiritual Director of Sacred Music

Donny Regal works with music as a spiritual source of inspiration, healing and spiritual awakening. He has provided musical support for spiritual events, ceremonies, dances and Tantric pujas for the last twenty five years and has worked with Sophia and other spiritual recording artist as a producer and musician to create many Spiritual and New age albums. He has studied the work of Margo Anand, Lori Grace Star and Mantak Chia and Marshal Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales and has been integrating this work into his intimate relationships for many years. He is highly versed in Compassionate Communication and is constantly integrating it into his Tantric practice. He is the developer of “The Lover’s Language.”

A long time Maui resident in 2009 Donny left Hawaii and moved to California and then to Middletown to be with Heather next to Harbin Hot Springs. Currently, Donny and Heather split their time between Maui and California where they teach classes, workshops and offer retreats as well as multimedia music, dance and sound healing rituals, New Moon Sound and Energy Healing Ceremonies for World Peace. He is fulfilling his dream is to perform sacred musical theater with his beloved to inspire and uplift humanity.


Heather Salmon, BA, ACH, LRflx

Planetary Priestess, Cultural Creative, Healing & Recording Artist, Change Agent

Heather Salmon is an inspiring healer, planetary priestess, cultural creative and recording artist. Driven by a knowing that we can create a new way of being on Earth that is sustainable, just, and thriving, Heather’s passion is to inspire change through practices that cultivate peace and harmony! Heather and her partner Donny Regalmuto are the visionary creators of the acclaimed Mystical Alchemy a prayerformance group who blend healing and performing arts in the creation of transformational multimedia, sound and energy healing journeys and have produced 15 HypnoSound Healing and music CDs and 2 DVDs! They have also co-created with Master Love Coach Scott Catamas the popular “ComPASSIONate Warrior Training” which trains participants in Compassionate Communication Skills, Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dreamer teachings and Healthy Lifestyle and Eating practices! Heather was born in Toronto and is of Jamaican and Celtic descent and has also had thriving careers as an international events producer for the NBA and as a professional model and SAG actress living in Los Angeles where she began to develop her passion for the creative power of the healing and the performing arts. She is trained in numerous healing arts including Yoga, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Reiki Master, Huna, Sound and Intuitive Healing and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto! She is also an ordained priestess of Isis and the Essenes and founded the Black Swan Temple, a Project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. a California 501(c)(3) Corporation – Founded in 1978. Heather and Donny split their time between their homes in Maui and near Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California and offer prayerformances, retreats, workshops, classes and Mystery School Trainings!