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For me this is a time of giving thanks for our bounty, family and friends as well as a time of reflection and prayer.  As we move toward a new world destiny where Rights for Nature, compassion and justice factor into what our idea of success is, I imagine a world where at this time of Thanksgiving we would take time to not only give thanks for all that we have created, but we would also take time to take stock and ask ourselves if Nature is able to replenish itself as a result of that which we have reaped.  Our success would not just be measured by how much we’ve earned or bought, but the quality of our relations.   We would seek to right injustice and pray for all of those who have suffered, were enslaved or have been disenfranchised in the name of Colonialism.

At this time we would offer Ho’oponopono to all of our relations …

I’m sorry
Please Forgive Me
I forgive You
I Love You
I thank You
I wish you blessings on your journey

At this time,  we would join with our Rainbow family and radiate out a nourishing field of love that transforms hate into love, anger into joy, judgement into compassion, confusion into understanding.  May we give thanks for what we have and envision a world that works for everyone!  A world that is thriving, sustainable, just, compassionate and peaceful!

1012468_533916976703004_69585092_nLady Olivia Robertson the co-founder and Arch Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis made her transition peacefully on November 14th in Ireland surrounded by family at 96. We were so blessed to have her ordain Heather and our 2011 initiates into the Temple and Fellowship of Isis.   She was a true enchantress, artist and priestess and I honor her for the work that she has done to restore the Goddess to her rightful place. May she rest in peace. Blessings on your journey home Lady Olivia ~ ♥ ~
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Tribute to Olivia Robertson

April 13, 1917 – November 14, 2013

Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis passed into spirit sphereon the evening of November 14, 2013. Due to health issues, she had been hospitalized for some months. During this time she continued to send messages, write rituals and create artwork for the Fellowship of Isis. These were featured in Isian News, the official FOI publication created by two of the FOI co-founders in the summer of 1976, Olivia and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

The best tribute to Olivia comes from her own words. She writes: “We all fear death. We dread the loss of ourselves, our own consciousness, of all that we know. It is only the body that perishes. If you see death as an unpredictable but inevitable disaster in the future, soon or far ahead, you naturally dread a sudden end to all you love, a stop to your own individual consciousness. But in verity you can experience your own immortality now! …

Enjoy those delights that belong to the eternal spheres, such as the love and care of each other, of animals and plants: philosophy and religion; the practice of arts and crafts. Thus you will strengthen your spiritual body with the nectar and ambrosia of the Deities. …

Death is for the ignorant! Immortality is for those who know the truth! Develop your psychic and spiritual gifts, so that not only will you recognize this “death” as the impostor it is, but you will help others to lose any fear …

Reunion with those you love is certain. In your originality is your immortality, for nothing that is original can perish. It is an essential part of the cosmic scheme. Manifest your Divine Origin which is born from the Mother of All, Nuit, Whose children are immortal like unto Herself. Nourish then all good gifts in each person and each being, and you strengthen the harmony between the Divine Sphere of Heaven with its transient reflection which is this world. There is no death. Love is eternal.”

Olivia Robertson’s life was one of living example. Olivia always encouraged the expression of originality in others. Describing herself as an “enchantress” she refused to follow convention. Her spirituality was guided by her unique inner vision. She lived her role of priestess as an artist would, her path forged by a trust in the guidance and inspiration she received directly from Deity.

How can we carry on without her? I can only say now, that we will. The Fellowship of Isis was her life’s work, and the Fellowship of Isis will continue. Isian News will continue. Olivia wanted this.

We will miss her. We will miss her terribly. Dearest Olivia, we met you in joy, your leaving brings sorrow, but also the surety of joy in the future, for we will meet again.

May you walk in beauty, may you walk in peace, Isis bless you, Olivia, now and always.


Linda Iles

Fellowship of Isis Central website


Memorial Services Update:

Say My Name That I May Live: A simple rite to add to your daily devotions on behalf of Olivia Robertson.

From Caroline Wise:There will be a Memorial ceremony and gathering in London in December, date not fixed yet, it will be on a weekend day. This is at the suggestion of Olivia’s great nephew Storm. Those who can’t attend may wish to attune in their own groups or solo. More news on this next week.” Posted on Fellowship of Isis Central Site and News page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fellowship-of-Isis-Central-Site-and-News/208712269159636

Irish Times – death notice and funeral announcement from Alexander Durdin-Robertson: “[Olivia Robertson’s] funeral on Wednesday will begin with ‘a private ceremony in the temple, organised by the Fellowship of Isis, by invitation only’ followed by a public Church of Ireland service at St Fiacc’s in Clonegal.” http://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/high-priestess-of-carlow-based-fellowship-of-isis-cult-dies-aged-96-1.1596800

From Storm Poorun (Olivia’s great-nephew): “I just wanted to let you know about the funeral arrangements in case you, or anyone in your circles, wished to and was able to attend: it’s at Huntington Castle on Wednesday 20th Nov at 12:30. Also there’s a smaller memorial event in London on 27th November, and one being arranged for December.”

From Steve Wilson: “A memorial event called “Remembering Olivia” will be held at the next Moot with No Name on 27th November at The Devereux, Devereux Court, London (opposite the Royal Courts of Justice) at 7:30 for an 8 O’Clock start. Please bring your memories to share of a true giant in the Goddess movement. See Moot with no name website at www.mwnn.webeden.co.uk 

From Kasey Conder of Fellowship of Isis Utah: “A memorial for Olivia is being planned here in Salt Lake City at Crone’s Hollow. Date to be announced.” http://www.isisofutah.org/


There is another powerful planetary alignment happening on November 23rd, 2013.  There are many things that are undergoing transformation at this time.  Corruption and greed without regard for the good of the whole are no longer acceptable.  As things breakdown, know that a break through is inevitable.  We are in the process of change and it is important to face our shadows and unsustainable ways of being.  Let’s look at our F.E.A.R. projections and Face Everything And Rise!!!

As things break down, learning how to seek and believe in a positive outcome will make us adaptable and resilient.  What a caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!  Keepers of the Garden, We are HERE!!!  So hold steadfast to your dreams and be willing to serve!

There will be a Global Meditation happening at the following time around the globe!

November 23rd  at 10 hours 11 minutes pm Central European time. This equals

9:11 pm BST in London

4:11 pm EST in New York

3:11 CST in Chicago

2:11 pm MST in Phoenix and

1:11 pm PST in LA

You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:


Here is a great article about the energies with detailed meditation instructions at the end!

Also, be aware of the 2 comets coming through this week as they may get absorbed by the Sun OR some are projecting that they may become one of the most spectacular sights we’ve ever seen on the Earth!

Warm blessings,

Black Swan



(Shift of the Ages)

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

The time of the AION portal activation signifies the peak of Uranus Pluto square, which is occurring in the 2012-2015 time frame. This is the most important astrological aspect of our times and its meaning is very simple: revolution of Light. The exact heliocentric moment of the Uranus Pluto square comes on November 23rd. At that moment, a very interesting heliocentric configuration will be taking place apart from Uranus Pluto square. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto will form a six pointed star mandala around the Sun:

The six pointed star is the very same configuration that happened at the Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 (when the Resistance hacked the etheric implant computer program) and it happened again at the Peace Portal on August 25th this year (when we have collectively prevented the military invasion in Syria). Activation of the AION portal is the peak moment of the turning of the tide. Due to the grid ratio, the Light forces were passive and mainly responding to actions of the dark forces until now.  From the AION portal on, the Light will begin to initiate action.

At the moment of the activation of the portal, the Galactic Central Sun will send an energy minipulse through the Sun and through the six pointed star mandala of planets. This energy pulse will be similar to what will happen at the Event, but this pulse now will be most likely far less powerful. The pulse will send harmonious resonance waves throughout the solar system and might trigger the solar magnetic pole reversal.

The galactic minipulse will be transmitted through Aion and Iona, a cosmic pair of twin souls which played a very important role when they contributed greatly towards the formation of the Galactic Central civilization of Light millions of year ago:

The purpose of Iona now is to spread Goddess consciousness from the Galactic Center towards less developed planets in the outer spiral arms of the Milky way Galaxy. In galactic mythology, she is pictured as the winged goddess:

The purpose of Aion is to help overseeing the turning of cosmic cycles in the Galaxy in harmony with the 25,000 year pulse of the heart of the Galactic Central Sun:


He will be overseeing our AION activation on planet Earth. This activation will signify the shift of the ages.

For the first time in our history, a direct connection will be made between the physical plane (3rd dimension) and the cosmic atmic plane (11th dimension) on planet Earth.

This activation will also be the trigger point of the New Renaissance. Therefore we will be having our main activation in Firenze, Italy. You are more than welcome to join us:


Even if you can not join us in Firenze, you can do this activation in your own group or even alone, wherever in the world you are. We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at the moment of the opening of the AION portal, which comes on November 23rd  at 10 hours 11 minutes pm Central European time. This equals 9:11 pm BST in London, 4:11 pm EST in New York, 3:11 CST in Chicago, 2:11 pm MST in Phoenix and 1:11 pm PST in LA.

You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:



1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Call upon the presence of your Soul (higher self) and the presence of your spiritual guides, angels and Ascended Masters

3. Visualize the moment of the Compression Breakthrough, the Event flash, the moment of the planetary liberation happening NOW.

Updates about the opening of the AION portal:



ASTROLOGICAL NOTES: Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Scorpio New Moon

Sun and Moon in Scorpio ~ 11º

Sunday, November 3, 2013 5:50 AM MST

(12:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Scorpio just can’t help itself. It’s deep, it’s intense, and it’s the mystery and power of the dark feminine. It rules the realms of death, giving birth, the intimacy of sex, surrender, taxes, inheritance, the truth that cannot be denied, the crossroads, the underworld. Now why does that sound so spooky and make us want to turn away?

Scorpio so aptly placed covering the midpoint of Fall and Winter – Samhain, Day of the Dead, Halloween…when the veil is thinned and we can commune with the invisible worlds and those that have gone before us.

We have the Pluto-Uranus Square: Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio and ruler of this chart, has powerfully come into its fourth of seven exact squares with Uranus on November first. We live in a time of significant, massive cultural shift much like the 60’s, the Great Depression period or the French and American Revolutions that our current time frame has much in common with astrologically. The old ways that we have held will be surrendered, offered up for a deep rebirth. We are all very aware of what is outmoded and dying; we have daily reminders of the devastation of what separation and greed and the division of Spirit from matter has created. And now, after one of the most magnificent Grand Trines in history this summer with Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn in the water signs for months, we find ourselves in a huge growth period from early October to through November.

We have the eclipse package: A solar eclipse only happens at New Moon when the Sun and Moon are perfectly aligned. This second eclipse is a hybrid, both a total and annular eclipse depending on where you are ~ total in the North Atlantic and Africa near the equator; annular (with a ring of light around the edge) in eastern North America, northern South America, southern Europe, the Middle East with Africa being the main focus. Eclipses are planetary Earth resets. Our energy Source – The Sun goes offline and offers the opportunity to align in a more conscious and updated manner; a line is drawn between what has gone before and now. Your intentions carry more power and it is easier to let go of unwanted energies especially if you honor the time with reverence. All energies are ramped up at an eclipse. So, you notice what comes up and you adapt and aim for a higher frequency, a more conscious, loving response. With Scorpio active as an archetype we may be seeing our intense desires, fears, emotional wounding, and our secrets liberated and available for healing. Scorpio is about the alchemy of the healer. Let the miracle of healing take place in as many arenas as possible. Claim the right to your power that’s locked up somewhere it doesn’t belong. Let your heart be washed clear. Scorpio has all the courage needed to make decisions – whether it’s to make a stand for what is important for you or to walk away from what is not serving you.
We have Saturn in Scorpio: Traveling just ahead of the Sun/Moon, it will strengthen our backbone to be decisive, challenge our ego to back off, and step up to what we might normally be sidestepping for lighter fare. Go deep with this Moon. Be determined to remember your purpose. Use the fixed qualities of this power sign coupled with Saturn’s influence for discipline to focus and concentrate your energies on what is most important: healing, power, truth, intimacy, transformation.

We have Mercury in Scorpio: Exactly conjunct the North Node and conjunct New Moon. The Divine Messenger is pointing the way to evolution and transformation. Keep your frequency at the level of eagle who can see from on high what is true and not at the stinging level of scorpion who can harm with its bitter venom. Your purpose here is that of the phoenix – to arise out of the ashes of its own flames and be renewed and reborn. The time is about making right choices and maintaining your focus no matter what is transpiring around you. If you’re experiencing the negative pole of Scorpio – resentment, stubbornness, fear, blame, jealousy, suspicion-you’re on the wrong track; cut it. Regroup and align to Higher Power. Discipline means practicing in every moment.

We have several planets changing direction: Lots of movement and shift to loosen the ground beneath our feet and the stagnation in our emotional bodies. All of these changes take place in water signs that rule our emotions and receptivity. Jupiter goes retrograde Nov 6, Mercury goes direct on Nov 10, Neptune goes direct on Nov 13, and Chiron goes direct on Nov 21. It’s a shifty month. When a planet changes direction, it stops and its energy intensifies. It takes a while for its energy to get moving again and a period of time to regain the place from where it started. Neptune and Chiron have been incubating for several months, now they will bring their energy forward lifting us into the non-linear realms where anything can happen anytime. All that we have been daydreaming can now begin to gain some traction.

We have Venus pointing to the center of the Galaxy: The center of our Milky Way galaxy is considered to be 27-28º Sagittarius. That’s where Venus is in this chart, so briefly on this day during the eclipse we can download and reset all that she represents. We realign our values, our relationship with our material possessions, finances and resources, our pursuit of beauty and pleasure, and all forms of social relationships. We realign our hearts and the power to love and be loved. Fill your cup with gratitude for this exalted life!

We also have greatly increased sunspot activity: 2012 and 2013 are the peak of the current sunspot cycle that occurs about every 11 years. This year saw some sunspot activity in Jan-Feb and then it radically tapered off with little or no activity in the summer, but they have come back with a vengeance in October. The last two weeks have seen multiple bombardments of extreme intensity to our electro-magnetic field affecting our planet that is instrumental in increased earthquake activity, extreme weather conditions, disrupting communication systems and most importantly bombarding our bodies. When we have to make these kinds of energy field adjustments some experience headaches, fatigue, disorientation, irritability, restlessness, emotional highs and lows, etc.

So as you can see, we are in a vice grip of fierce adjustment and growth here at this New Moon juncture. It’s exciting and it’s challenging. At New Moon we reset our priorities for the next cycle. All the tools you need are at your fingertips. Call on the Spirit of the West for help in letting go as well as dreaming a new dream for the new year and the future.

11/03 Daylight Savings Time ends 2 AM

11/06 Jupiter goes retrograde at 20º Cancer

11/10 Mercury goes direct at 2º Scorpio

11/13 Neptune goes direct at 2º Pisces

11/17 Full Moon in Taurus 8:16 AM MST

11/19 Chiron goes direct at 9º Pisces

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

As If to Demonstrate an Eclipse

I pick an orange from a wicker basket
and place it on the table
to represent the sun.
Then down at the other end
a blue and white marble
becomes the earth
and nearby I lay the little moon of an aspirin.

I get a glass from a cabinet,
open a bottle of wine,
then I sit in a ladder-back chair,
a benevolent god presiding
over a miniature creation myth,

and I begin to sing

a homemade canticle of thanks
for this perfect little arrangement,
for not making the earth too hot or cold
not making it spin too fast or slow

so that the grove of orange trees

and the owl become possible,
not to mention the rolling wave,
the play of clouds, geese in flight,
and the Z of lightning on a dark lake.

Then I fill my glass again
and give thanks for the trout,
the oak, and the yellow feather,

singing the room full of shadows,
as sun and earth and moon
circle one another in their impeccable orbits
and I get more and more cockeyed with gratitude.

~ Billy Collins ~

(Nine Horses)