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10421152_10202844980342959_7716951779445412871_n-1In Vedic Astrology this is considered Scorpio full moon!  This is what astrologer Sam Geppi has to say about the energies from this perspective …

God as a River Flowing as Divine Love
Scorpio is a water sign and like all water signs they are deeply emotional and devotional – once the emotions are channeled toward higher love and purpose – selfless in nature.

Today on the retreat with my Guru Amma, the main Swami gave a talk where he compared our Guru Amma to a river, saying “Some come to the river to take a sacred bath, while others come to play and still others come to spit or urinate in it, but the river does not care – it keeps flowing. It does not reject them. It is simply an offering to all who care to take a dip or seek refuge”.

This talk was around the larger theme of forgiveness and compassion. All of those who have seen Amma know this to be her true and authentic nature, as she loves and consoles everyone, even those who have tried to kill her or who have opposed her in the past.

Just like the river, who will not reject you just because you have polluted her in the past, so too is the Guru’s Love. I have witnessed this unfathomable compassion for 13 years now and it still blows me away.

The Scorpio Full Moon is a great time to reflect on forgiveness, as too often the negative quality of that sign is revenge. Whereas the highest quality of Scorpio is the very same emotional courage to forgive all and flow like a river of love.

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By Heather Salmon


1510590_781740638512046_4966172353820134900_nIn December 2012 I relocated to Maui to what I did not not know was ground zero and headquarters for the world’s biotech testing fields and GMO seed production.  Thinking that I had arrived on island for other reasons I found myself being called to serve as an agent of change in bringing about a Moratorium on GMOs.


Maui and Kauai are ground zero for big biotech.  Here is the home of the largest biological and chemical testing sites in the world.  Thousands of acres are used to test chemical cocktails to fight of the newest pesticide resistant super weeds and insects.  Here lay the growing fields for 80% of the GM BT corn seed that is sold around the world.


On Kauai they spray 65% of the days of the year lethal combinations of restricted use chemicals that combine in more than a trillion possible combinations that are impossible to test for safety.  The open air usage of these toxic chemicals are not contained.  In fact they create huge drift zones into residential neighborhoods and schools.


The chemical companies spray at night and mask the smell with a bubble gum scent.  Many people report that they have to cover their windows and appliances so as to protect them from the toxic yellowish residue that appears in the aftermath.


This is only the beginning of the nightmare in paradise.  Birth defects and high rates of cancer now plague the islands.  Children are being born with a rare birth defect with their intestines on the outside of their bodies and rare heart defects are showing up at rates 10 times the national average.


The citizens are now saying enough already and are taking matters into their own hands to uphold a previously ignored article of the Hawaiian State Constitution.  There is a provision within the Hawaiian State Constitution giving rights to nature and states that the lands, the reefs, the waters, the air are to be protected for current and future generations to come.


To “malama the aina” is to love and protect the land.  To the Hawaiians the land is sacred.  They live the way of “aloha” meaning to honor, love and respect life and to be inclusive.  The culture is rich and there is a definite movement to return to the land and culture and release of colonialist ways of big business and big profit at the expense of the land and the people.


The people are now calling upon the Precautionary Principle which states that “When the health of humans and the environment is at stake, it may not be necessary to wait for scientific certainty to take protective action.”  The Precautionary Principle places the burden of proof on proponents of an activity rather than on victims or potential victims of the activity.


This Principle is being used around the world as a basis to reform environmental laws and regulations.  It has been adopted by the European Union in forming policy that requires chemicals to be tested for their effects on human health and the environment.  It’s included in the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol and the Stockhom Treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants to govern genetically modified organisms and some toxic chemicals.  As well as, the Los Angeles Unified School District to limit pesticide use in schools and there are many other examples.


In March 2014 five citizens representing a diverse cross section of Maui County including Hawaiian farmer Alika Atay, legendary activist Mark Sheehan, spiritual leader, visionary healer and educator Lei’ohu Ryder, naturopathic doctor Dr. Bonnie Marsh, and scientist Dr. Lorrin Pang filed to begin the initiative putting GMO Moratorium on the November ballot.  If won the citizens will have restored the democratic process and effectively invoke the Precautionary Principle.


This event kicked off our petition drive and our goal gathering of 8460 valid Maui County registered voter signatures.  While others had tried with other initiatives this had never been successfully accomplished before in the State of Hawaii.


The team had formed with local community visionary activist Bruce Douglas and his wife Satya fanning the a spark that would ignite into a full fledged movement.  At this moment, the SHAKA Movement was born — Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the Aina.   The players took their places with the brilliant analytical mind of Joe Marshalla and his strategic vision guiding the ship.  With five weeks to meet the first milestone Bruce and Joe turned to me and asked if I would manage the volunteer petition team.  For some reason, I was in the right place, at the right time and they seemed to think that this would be an “easy” assignment for me who happened to have the time with my recent return after 6 months on tour to the island.


Interestingly enough, my background and interests did make me uniquely qualified.  My career had been extensive with working for a time as an international events producer where I juggled many hats and hundreds of volunteers.  My parents were trailblazers and activists in Canada so politics and community organizing was also very familiar to me.  How to unite a fractionalized community touched me deeply and enabled me to dive further into issues of undoing racism and social justice that I had done with the Pachamama Alliance in our efforts to heal the wounds that still bleed.  My business degree and experience in compassionate communication, marketing, promotions, social media and empowering and inspiring others all served well, as I set out to designed and implemented systems and strategies to organize, simplify, automate, streamline the management of 700 volunteer petitioners.


It was a whirlwind with our efforts to meet the first goal and on April 7th we handed in over 9600 signatures to the County Clerk’s office accomplishing our first milestone of needing to hand in at least 8500 on this date.  Forty-five days later we were to be told that only 48% of the signatures were valid and we would have five days to hand in enough to make up for the short fall.


Working full out and over time we successfully moved through this these phases but not without the accompanying birthing pains of bringing together a new team and creating a non-profit organization simultaneously.  Yes it was a little chaotic and we encountered the most rain the island had in the month of March in 40 years and we were like a dysfunctional family at times, but we did it.


Finally, on June 6th we found out that we met our goal.  We actually surpassed our target and managed to get 9062 valid Maui County registered voters to sign the petition.  Here we go, we heading to the November ballot!  The next phase of community outreach, education and enrollment begins!