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New Moon in Virgo, August 25th, 2014



New Moon in Virgo is a time for releasing, cleansing and making new.  To align with the energies we plant intentions around physical health, work, clear discrimination, order and relaxing perfection.  As a matter of fact, do us a favor and don’t be perfect!  Strive to be your best, shoot for the stars and be loving to yourself along the way.  Please make mistakes!  It means your trying!!! Then and pick yourself up, shake it off and carry on!

July 15th, 2014,  Today we mourn the crossing of Lady Loreon Vigne the Arch Priestess of the Temple of Isis. A great visionary, artist and business woman. It was my honor to have had you in my life as a friend and mentor. It was a joy to make this vegan gluten free triple chocolate cake for you on your 80th birthday! Thank you for your love and support of our work and the Black Swan Iseum! She always loved to dance, sing and write. She passed some of her original songs along to us which we cherish! You will live forever in our hearts! ~ ~