Taro Burgers & Fritters
Heather’s Gourmet Taro Burger & Fritters w/ Pesto Sauce Recipe
So, we were gifted with these four beautiful Taro Roots and I went to town creating this gourmet vegan gluten free super food recipe! Mind you, this made enough for over 20 people so I’ll be taking some to our Farmers Union Artists Committee Meeting on Sunday!
The Taro in Hawai’i Nei is considered a “canoe plant’ that was brought to the islands by the Polynesians in their canoes many years ago!   It is also known as Kalo is believed to have the greatest life force of all foods.  From early times, kalo was the primary food of the Hawai`i people, supplemented by other principal and traditional foods: breadfruit (`ulu), sweet potato (`uala), yams, greens, ferns, fruit, fish and seaweed (limu).
Traditionally Hawaiian’s mash it up into what is called poi!  This recipe is not at all traditional Hawaiian!  But Taro is also found in the West Indies where my family was from, so you are getting a bit of a gourmet world cuisine recipe here!  Enjoy!
All of the produce was local, I’ve “*” what’s not!
boc choy
Pulp from juiced veggies
Pulp from Almond Milk*
Purple Sunrise – Organic Ancient Grains (Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia)*
Organic Seeds (Millet, Flax)*
Olive & Coconut Oil*
1. Skin and cube taro and boil for an hour then mash it up! Leave some chunks! This is now called “poi”. I didn’t have a masher so I used the back of a ladle! Great work out! DO NOT put it in your vitamix I almost killed mine! :-0
2. Cook quinoa
3. Dice and saute veggies in olive or coconut oil
4. Slowly incorporate sauteed veggies into the poi mixture.
5. Then add the cooked quinoa
6. Add salt to taste. Can also add chili powder.
7. To make the mixture less gooey I then added pulp that I had in the freezer that was made from vegetables that had been juiced and some almond meal pulp. This stiffened it up a bit. I also found that adding ground flax meal to the patties as I was creating them was a good idea to dry them out a bit!
8. You can then turn these into patties and pan fry in olive or coconut oil or bake.
9. To make the fritters, which added a really great crust I rolled the patties in Purple Sunrise Breakfast cereal which is a powdered whole grain super food mixture. Then I pan fried them. This gave them an amazing crispy texture reminiscent of Southern Corn Fritters! Which got me to thinking that it would have also been amazing to add organic corn kernels and jalapenos to the recipe!
Turmeric Pesto Sauce
(made by Donny 🙂
* Turmeric
* Basil
* Garlic
* Lemons
* Olive Oil
* Salt
* Water