It’s 12/12! Virgin of Guadelupe Day! It was said that she appeared in Mexico City on December 9 and 12, 1953!
It is also said that she and the Egyptian goddess Isis are the same being and that her form/name changed when the slaves were brought from African to South America and forced into Christianity.
The number 12 represents the 12th sign of Pisces and Christ Conscousness! It combines the 1 = stay positive and 2 = keep the faith (according to Doreen Virtue)! “together 12 is a strong message to stay positive, optimistic and filled with faith!”
There are 13 days before the 25th the day that the light begins its official return! 13 is the number of Venus the goddess of Love … Also associated with the great mother goddess Isis!
The Isis star Sirius is the blue star in the East that the Magi were said to flow and that aligns with the 3 kings of Orion’s (Osirius’) belt on the morning of Solstice and the rebirth of the Sun!