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Happy Leap Year! This February not only has 1 day more but that 1 day carries the 11:11 vibration with 29 = 2+9 = 11 and Feb 2016 = 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 11 !

11 is a Master Number that brings illumination and Higher Consciousness. It also symbolizes Oneness!

Let’s join together at this potent time to envision and grow our dreams and Peace on Earth for All of Humanity!



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We are all aware of the fact that plants have the ability to heal us, but did you know just how easy it was to grow them at home? Here is a list of how to grow some of the BEST foods for medicine!

Plants That Heal


The name “basil” comes from the old Greek word basilikohn meaning “royal”. This “royal” herb is grown in many regions throughout the world and features prominently in Italian and Thai cuisine.

What does it do?

Basil is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene. Beta-carotene makes vitamin A which is maintains the health of our eyes, skin, and immune system. Basil can be used as a remedy for depression, indigestion, fevers, colds, nausea, and vomiting.

How do you grow it?

Basil is easy to grow and comes in many varieties from lemon basil to cinnamon basil. Basil needs warm air, so if you’re still in the midst of winter like I am, start by planting the seeds in containers indoor. Sprinkle newly planted seeds with water twice daily. Once the basil has grown a few inches tall, transplant them to a larger container.


I often add a dried bay leaf when I’m boiling pasta. It makes a big difference. But did you know that bay leaves can also be used as medicine?

What does it do?

Bay leaves were originally added to recipes to aid digestion. You can also prepare bay leaves in oil and use that for sprains and arthritic joints.

How do you grow it?

Bay leaves are grown as part of a tree, so you can imagine just how many leaves you can pluck over its lifetime. Bay leaves need rich water-retentive soil (ask your local garden center about your options) and grows much slower than basil. When potted, bay trees can grow up to 6 feet!


Great for a kick in your cooking, cayenne is also great for your health.

What does it do?

Cayenne has been shown to dissolve fibrin, a substance that leads to blood clots. As a result, you can apply cayenne topically to an open wound to staunch bleeding. Like many other hot peppers, cayenne is useful for enhancing your metabolism and promoting digestion.

How do you grow it?

Peppers need a lot of moisture to grow, so use a high-quality water retentive soil. Peppers grow best in full sun, so place them near a window with sun exposure. When planting in containers, make sure individual seeds are at least 2 inches apart. Spritz the soil with water to ensure the soil remains moist.


A good friend of mine grows dill in her garden. Every summer, I look forward to helping her pull out these fragrant herbs and using them in my cooking. They’re particularly great for barbecuing – for the eaters and the chef too!

What does it do?

Dill’s oils have been shown to have chemoprotective properties that protects the body from carcinogens from smoke. Dill has been used for colic and gas.

How do you grow it?

Dill is an annual and will seed itself when planted outside. Indoors, dill is an easy plant to grow and will be ready for harvest within 6 to 8 weeks. Like the other herbs on this list, dill benefits from compost-rich soil. Since dill is drought resistant, you’ll only need to water them when dry. Dill needs at least 6 hours of sunlight, so keep them by the window with your peppers.


A popular ingredient in cough and cold teas, ginger is my go-to solution when I feel a cold coming on.

What does it do?

Ginger has warming properties which makes it particularly good for treating colds, stomach cramps, and menstrual discomfort.

How do you grow it?

Ginger is a low-maintenance herb that only requires partial sunlight. Purchased as seeds, ginger takes about 10 months to fully mature. Rich but well-draining soil is recommended for ginger. Misting it with a spray bottle should be enough and in a few weeks’ time you can expect to see shoots poking out of the soil. One of the best parts of growing ginger is that you can cut off a part of it and return the rest to the soil to continue growing!


Also referred to as “marjoram”, oregano is often used in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. You can often find bottles of oregano oil in health food stores – and for good reason!

What does it do?

Oregano has calming properties which helps reduce tension. When prepared as a tea, it can be used to stimulate the appetite, digestion, and to relieve bloating. The oils in oregano can be effectively used as an anti-bacterial and can be applied topically to help ease swelling, aching, and bee stings.

How do you grow it?

Oregano thrives in warm temperatures and bright sun, so make sure to keep them in containers by a sun-exposed window. Let the soil dry out before watering it. With similar growing requirements, you can grow oregano alongside sage and thyme.


It comes to no surprise to me that parsley is the world’s most popular herb. Not a week goes by where I don’t use this vibrant herb to garnish my meals.

What does it do?

To give you even more of a reason to use parsley, parsley is high in vitamins and minerals. Parsley is useful as a herbal diuretic which helps the body detox and cleanse. You can also eat or drink parley as a tea to relieve stomach cramps.

How do you grow it?

To grow parsley, keep them by a sun-exposed window and keep them moist. I like growing parsley in the kitchen, where the steam keeps the air moist. Parsley can grow alongside thyme, basil, mint, and oregano.


Peppermint is a personal favourite of mine for baking treats in the winter season, but you can use mint year round as a natural medicine.

What does it do?

Many studies have shown that peppermint oil has the ability to soothe your tummy by relaxing your stomach’s muscles. You can steep peppermint as a tea to treat nausea and flatulence.

How do you grow it?

Peppermint requires the same conditions as parsley to grow (see above). I recommend turning the pot around every three days or so to allow the plant to grow evenly.


Rosemary is a fragrant herb used to flavour a wide array of dishes. Available year-round, you won’t have a difficult time finding and growing this herb.

What does it do?

One of my favourites on this list to grow, rosemary contains compounds that stimulate the immune system, promote digestion, and are anti-inflammatory to boot! You can use rosemary to treat circulatory conditions, Alzheimer’s, indigestion, and stiff muscles.

How do you grow it?

Rosemary requires plenty of light to flourish, so keep them by a sun-exposed window. Mist them with water to ensure they stay moist to the touch, but take care not to overwater.


Like its sister herb, rosemary, sage is available throughout the year and holds a reputation as one of the best herbs for its health-promoting properties.

What does it do?

While it may be passing for some of us, sage is something to keep handy for flu season. Sage can be prepared as a tea and used as a rinse for treating a sore throat. Like rosemary, the volatile oils in sage also have anti-inflammatory properties. Go ahead, add some rosemary and sage to your dinner tonight and kickstart your health!

How do you grow it?

Sage requires the same care that oregano herbs need (see above). Harvest sage often to promote growth.


As a child, my mother always insisted on adding thyme to my veggies. While I had no idea then, I know now that thyme is a powerful antimicrobial – a natural antibiotic!

What does it do?

With its antimicrobial properties, it can be used to treat nail fungus, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. I like preparing thyme as an oil to treat sores. Thyme’s aromatic oils aren’t just for smelling, they can be beneficial in treating respiratory troubles like asthma.

How do you grow it?

Thyme flourishes in the same conditions as oregano and sage. Use a clay pot to ensure that the soil dries adequately in-between watering.

Instead of filling up a medicine cabinet, why not give these 11 herbs a try this year? They’re simple to grow and are beautiful for decorating the home too!
– See more at: http://www.viralalternativenews.com/2016/02/how-to-grow-your-own-medicine-cabinet.html#sthash.9FabS9A0.dpuf

Sound Healing Whales Retreat






Restore & Renew Yoga & Sound Healing Retreat


1 person/single cabin – $888

2 people/single cabin – $1444

Please note that these fees are for the services and retreat rooms are complimentary.  Other types accommodations are available for an extra fee off site.  Please inquire for more information.



Ready to unplug, renew and reset?  Travel to Maui’s lush tropical North Shore to a semi off the grid beautiful eco temple and sanctuary.  Experience the healing power of nature, yoga and sound healing with the acclaimed duo Heather Salmon and Donny Regal.  Enjoy a high vibrational locavore diet while being surrounded by waterfalls and the place where payapa, pineapple, bananas and the food you eat grows!  Let go, renew, recalibrate in paradise!


Sample Itinerary


Day 1

3pm – Arrival

6pm – Vegetarian Supper

7:30 pm – Sound Healing Intention Setting Ceremony


Day 2

8:30 am – Breakfast

10 am – Noon – Yoga & Sound Healing Class

1pm – Vegetarian Lunch

3pm – Afternoon-Evening Program (choice of personal time, waterfall excursion, beach or a personal healing session, special events, etc.)


Day 3

8:30 am – Breakfast

10 am – Noon – Yoga & Sound Healing Class

12:30 pm – Departure


Afternoon – Evening Retreat Possibilities

  • Daily Gentle Yoga & Sound Healing Classes + Aerial Yoga + Stress Reducing Facial Yoga
  • Sound Healing — learn vocal toning for the organs, chakras, energy bodies, etc.
  • On site Far Infrared Sauna
  • Sacred Music & Sound Healing New, Full Moon and Special Event Ceremonies (if dates coincide)
  • Personal Wellness Healing Sessions (Integrated Modalities including Reiki, Reflexology, Access Bars, Aromatherapy)
  • Nature excursions to Beaches, Waterfalls, Bamboo Forest, Haleakela Crater, Permaculture Farm Tour, Road to Hana, IAO Valley
  • Personal Magi Priest/ess Training
  • Personal time


Optional Add On Services (Additional Fees Apply)

  • Personal Aroma Sound Healing Sessions
  • Reflexology, Energy Work Sessions
  • Access Bars Sessions
  • Hypnotherapy Session
  • Spa visit with Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Massage
  • Reiki Initiations (Levels 1, 2 and Masters)
  • Chakra Clearing Energy Healing Practice Lessons
  • Ongoing Post Retreat Coaching
  • Whale Boat (when in season Nov – April) & Snorkel Boat Trips

Yoga & Sound Healing Classes

Experience the healing power of Yoga & Sound!  Begin your day with this amazing two hour program.  During the first hour you will be guided through a Yoga practice designed to meet you you where you’re at and your specific needs.  Heather specializes in a gentle heart centered yoga practice.  Your first hour will help you to dive deeply in bringing you back to your breath breath and soul’s calling and perhaps we will also practice some aerial yoga or yoga for facial rejuvenation.  In the second hour, you will be able to lay down and receive or be as participatory as you like as we journey into the world of sacred sound and the healing 432 hz frequencies of the Crystal Singing bowls and Donny’s incredible music and soundscapes.  During this time we will embark on a specific journey that may include cleansing and balancing the chakras, the organs, the energy bodies or perhaps an we’ll take an astral travel.


Meal Programs to Choose From

  1.  Weight Loss Cleanse (partial fasting with light snacks).  This program includes three power shakes per day and very minimal food intake.
  2.  Detox program (interested in cleansing but not losing weight).  This program includes three power shakes and one light vegetarian meal per day.
  3.  Athletes Transformation (for fitness minded people who want to cleanse and also build lean muscle mass and not loose weight).  This program includes three power shakes and one light vegetarian meal per day.
  4.  Lifestyle Healthy Diet Program (not interested in doing a deep cleanse but happy to be on a vegetarian meal program supplemented with 1 Power Shake Daily for optimal nutrition — for this program we provide breakfast and lunch).


Your Hosts Heather Salmon & Donny Regalmuto

Donny Regalmuto

Donny is the visionary creator of the Black Swan Temple Sanctuary.  He has been stewarding this land for 25 years and is not only an extraordinary visionary temple builder with having sourced artwork, statues, hales and marble from Indonesia he is also an accomplished musician and producer.


Donny Regal works with music as a spiritual source of inspiration, healing and spiritual awakening. He has provided musical support for spiritual events, ceremonies, dances and Tantric pujas for the last twenty five years and has worked with Sophia and other spiritual recording artist as a producer and musician to create many Spiritual and New age albums. He has studied the work of Margo Anand, Lori Grace Star and Mantak Chia and Marshal Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales and has been integrating this work into his intimate relationships for many years. He is highly versed in Compassionate Communication and is constantly integrating it into his Tantric practice. He is the developer of “The Lover’s Language.”


Heather Salmon

Heather Salmon is an inspiring healer, priestess, cultural creative and performing artist. Driven by a knowing that we can create a new way of being on Earth that is sustainable, just, and thriving, Heather’s passion is to inspire change through practices that cultivate peace and harmony!


A radiant 51, Heather has been cleansing and on a healing path for over 30 years and has led hundreds of people in guided cleanses.  She has been a sound healer for 15 years and works with 432hz crystal singing bowls as well as voice and other instruments.  She is trained in numerous healing arts including Yoga, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Reiki Master, Huna, and Intuitive Healing and holds a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto! She is also an ordained priestess of Isis and the Essenes and founded the Black Swan Temple in 2010.


In 2011 Donny and Heather met in California and their romantic and creative partnership began.

They are the visionary creators of the acclaimed Mystical Alchemy a prayerformance group who blend healing and performing arts in the creation of transformational multimedia, sound and energy healing journeys and have produced 19 HypnoSound Healing and music CDs and 2 DVDs! They have also co-created with Master Love Coach Scott Catamas the popular “ComPASSIONate Warrior Training” which trains participants in Compassionate Communication Skills, Yoga, Sound & Energy Healing, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dreamer teachings and Healthy Lifestyle and Eating practices!



This tropical jungle earth temple is surrounded by waterfalls and situated in a very sacred part of the island that was known as the home of the owl and a place that the Hawai’ian royalty received training.   We are a living eco-temple and the perfect place to reconnect with nature and the mana (healing energy) that the islands are known for.  If you are needing the amenities and creature comforts of modern hotels, this is not the place for you.  If you are adventurous and are willing to unplug and tune into nature than this nature temple will be paradise. You will wake up to beautiful sunrises and the sounds of nature.  The 2.5 acre sanctuary is a living food forest with coconut, papaya, banana, avocado, starfruit, orange, lemon and lime trees, a garden full of organic greens and passion fruit.   We also have giant bamboo, exotic tropical flowers and gardens.  The temple has gorgeous Indonesian art, statues and fountains throughout.  We are somewhat rustic and do not have air conditioning.  We have shared bathroom facilities and a clean outdoor marble shower.


photos of property


retreat photo gallery


Special Dietary Needs

Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs in advance.



Maui is a tropical island in the Hawaiian chain with a fairly mild year-round climate tempered by the Pacific Ocean.  We are located just above sea level the average afternoon winter temperature is around 75°F during the coldest months of December and January. August and September are the hottest summer months with temperatures in the low 90s.  Due to the prevailing trade winds, most rainfall hits the north- or northeast-facing shores and it is usual for us to have showers mostly at night and in the morning.  As with most volcanic tropical islands, however, many different micro climates mean packing for a variety of conditions: swim suits and light hot-weather clothing for the beaches,  a lightweight windbreaker for the occasional shower at higher elevations, and more serious protection during inclement conditions when hiking Haleakala.  Winter and Spring (mid-December through mid-April) is high season for Maui.


What to Bring

Comfortable, loose fitting yoga clothes, yoga mat (there are plenty, yet it’s usually best to use your own), sunglasses, sandals, beach wear, walking shoes, t-shirts, light, long sleeves / trousers for the evening, hat, sunscreen, ear plugs and eye mask (for light sleepers), earth-friendly toiletries, personal medication, reading material, journal/note book and pens, coloring pencils, art material (optional), camera, and most importantly, bring your open heart and your open mind.  To avoid using sunscreen lotion and mosquito repellent, it is highly recommended to wear long-sleeved, light colored, loose fitting shirts and pants.  You may find some mosquitoes out around dusk and most of our guests find the Maui mosquito bites are rather mild and disappear within an hour with no need for creams and repellents.


What’s not included

  • Airfare to Maui
  • Gratuities are not included and are not required, but are appreciated by the staff if you feel you have received excellent service.


Extended Stay Options

You are welcome to extend your stay as long as we have availability.   Please contact us for rates.


Pets Information

As we have animals that live here, we do not allow our guests to bring their pets.


Travel Information

Please fly into Kahului (OGG) airport on Maui, Hawaii.


Airport Transfer

You transportation to and from the Kahului airport along with excursions are included.  Please contact us for details.



When you submit your request via our website, we will advise you of availability within two days. A deposit of 50% is due upon making your reservation. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of the retreat. If your booking is made within the 30 days before the start of the retreat, the total balance is due within 3 days after making your reservation.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your place along with a completed booking form. Upon receipt of your completed signed booking form and deposit, you will be sent a booking confirmation letter by email, this is the confirmation of your booking. Until you have received this confirmation, no booking can be guaranteed.


All places are subject to availability at time of you making your deposit payment. If payment is made for a specific retreat date and during the time of your funds clearing, the retreat fully books, a full refund will be offered or an alternative retreat date.



Once we have received your booking, any cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit amount paid.  There are no refunds for cancellations made less than 30 days of arrival.


Accepted methods of payment for Retreat and on Location

Bank wire transfer, Cash, Credit card, Debit Card, Money Order, Paypal, Traveler’s Check


Sound Healing Whales Retreat

Join us in Maui for one of our amazing intimate Mystical Alchemy Retreats!  Enjoy one of our special Yoga, Sound Healing & Nature Excursion 1 – 8 day packages that are designed to meet your needs!  Ready for a exotic tropical get away and to reconnect with nature?  Get the personal attention you deserve and stay in a jungle paradise!

Now offering …

Yoga, Sound Healing & Nature Excursion Retreats (year round)

Yoga, Sound Healing, Whale & Nature Adventure Retreats (during whale season Dec – March)


Testimonials …


Laura H, (Canada) Jan 2016

“I loved how personal the experience was and the peacefulness of the accommodations.  The itinerary was flexible enough to consider what I was in the mood for that day and they had excellent suggestions on what they thought I would like. I saw a glimpse into a very different perspective from Heather which will always stay with me. I also learned a lot about yoga, sound healing, cooking, healing practices and I especially loved the aerial yoga and swimming in the pool at the top of the waterfall.”


Eileen Nims (Hawaii) Jan 2016

“Heather and Donny are the Yin and Yang of the retreat. Together they create a whole experience and environment in which reconnecting with the divine can take place. The sound healing journeys open pathways to our Higher Selves and our re-alignment of our multi-faceted beings. With yoga as a precursor and amazing food at the other side of the sound journey, the experience is exquisite!”


Philippe & Yumi (Australia) Dec 2015

“We were looking for a retreat that offered yoga and spirituality. The Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreat offered both and a whole lot more. Each day Heather prepared a healthy breakfast and a variety of delicious lunches. The yoga and sound healing sessions allowed us to be sensitive to our bodies and surrounding environment, and gave us introspective time to look within and consciously work on developing our awareness of chakras and how energy flows through the body with the aid of music. In the afternoon’s we were taken on an excursion to a different part of the island each day. One thing we enjoyed was the personal attention given by Heather and Donny and their desire to provide an amazing experience for us. We loved every aspect the retreat provided, and we were truly inspired to see the way Heather and Donny live, and intend to incorporate their type of lifestyle into our own. We had a magical time at their place and are sincerely grateful for everything we experienced. We would definitely recommend this 8-day retreat to anyone seeking to get in touch with nature, the food they eat, and themselves while in the company of two wonderful hosts. Mahalo and thank you!”


Rhiannon (Australia) Dec 2015

“The Black Swan Temple was truly an amazing experience. Heather and Donny have really made this into a special and inviting place. After working and traveling through multiple countries and cities the last 7 months, it was the right time go on a jungle escape and disconnect whilst enjoying everything that Maui has to offer. Heather and Donny’s Sound Healing classes, along with the yoga and everyday excursions (snorkeling, waterfalls and hiking) were awesome fun, and I have taken away with me some very fond memories. The stunning grounds, and Heather’s amazing vegetarian meals made it very hard to leave such a beautiful and welcoming place. I really hope to get back there again someday!”

Lucas Love, July 2015

Having done one of these healing retreats with Heather and Donny, I’d highly recommend it! Beautiful space. The work they do is amazing.

David & Sofia Chang, May 2015

“We spent our honeymoon at the Black Swan Temple and had an amazing time. Our accommodations were beautifully rustic, spiritually grounding and comfortably rainy – a great mix of the best of what the northern side of Maui can offer. We were surprised to find ourselves appreciating our early morning wake up calls from nearby roosters and it was great to stay on the fresh (and wet) side as evenings with the rain started to feel a bit romantic mid-way through our honeymoon stay! In fact, the dry sunny side felt boring and one-dimensional and we enjoyed being so close to Hana and Paia. In Chinese Culture, Grasshoppers and crickets are a good luck sign, and so it was nice to see them as well. Anything that could potentially be on the downside–ended up being really refreshing and a new adventure! Our favorite experience was the New Moon Ceremony, along with guided meditation and astrological sharing, stunning multi-media visuals, and a blissful Cacao ceremony.”




February 8th begins the year of the Red Fire Monkey!  Monkeys are smart, naughty, ambitious and adventurous.  They are associated with financial events and unexpected change.  Be aware of the busy monkey mind and think things through!



A Mystical Alchemy Valentine’s! Please Heather and Donny on Sun Feb 14th, 7pm in the beautiful Lumeria Maui Lobby for a Valentine’s Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony along with special guest beloved Hawaiian Kapuna Aunty Pua Mahoe who is featured on the cover of this month’s Maui Vision magazine! She will be sharing a special blessing and about the way of Aloha as being everyone’s birth right!

Our evening will also include a Sacred Cacao offering — a sacrament which has been long been used by the Mayan’s for healing and opening the Heart. In addition it is World Sound Healing Day and we will be joining with thousands of people worldwide who will be raising the vibration on the planet with sacred sound and a special Water Blessing Ceremony for Peace and Unity..

Mystical Alchemy Ceremonies bring sound healing, music and ritual together in an inspiring and transformational way. Innovative visionary mystics Heather Salmon and Donny Regal bring decades of experience as professional prayerformers, healers and agents of change. Each journey is unique and their sound baths are deeply relaxing and healing for the mind, body and spirit. Mystical Alchemy ceremonies incorporate sacred and uplifting music, as well as the vibrational frequencies of 432 hz crystal singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, guided imagery, isochronic tones and binaural beats to assist with brainwave entrainment which is believed to affect cognition, stress management, and detoxification on a cellular level.

Lumeria Maui Main Lobby
1813 Baldwin Ave
Makawao, HI 96768

$11 to $22 At the Door

Lastly please note the following:

Promptness — as we are creating sacred space and it is distracting when people arrive late so we request that you make every effort to arrive by 7:00pm. If you do come in after we have begun, please enter quietly and mindfully.

Children — we highly value diversity and welcome children who can hold a sacred space. Please be aware that our sound baths are a time of quiet inner reflection and stillness and we like this to be honored without any unnecessary distractions.

Lumeria Maui Grounds — please be aware that we are guests on the property. You are welcome to enjoy and make dinner or lunch reservations in the restaurant. In addition, they charge a Spa Fee to use their pool and hot tub which can be arranged through their front desk 808-579-8877. As we end our events during their quiet hours they ask that we leave directly afterwards and not doddle or roam the grounds.

For more information visit www.MysticalAlchemy.org or email us at BlackSwanTemple@gmail.com or call 310-415-8821

Mahalo nui for helping to spread the word!