Moon Ceremonies have long been practiced by indigenous cultures from around the world and are making their way back into the lives of modern day people seeking more connection, balance and harmony with the natural world.
The moon is associated with the feminine principle and its phases mirror that of a woman’s menstrual cycle.  In fact, “mensis” the Latin root of menstrual means “month.”  Studies have shown that it is more likely for women to conceive during the full moon time and that we are more likely to bleed during the new moon phase.
The new moon marks the time when the sun and the moon are in the same astrological sign, which occurs during the dark phase of the moon.  From that moment for approximately the next 29.5 days we are said to be in the lunar cycle of that particular sign.
Being a time of new beginnings, the new moon is a powerful time for rituals of releasing and intention setting.  From the new to the full moon the energy is building and the light is growing.  The full moon is seen as the time that marks the bringing into fruition of these intentions.
If we look at women’s cycles, when the moon wanes from new to the full moon phase, it’s a time of the ripening of eggs culminating in ovulation and potentially conception. The light of the full moon also helps to illuminate any blocks to our creations, as well as, that which lurks in the shadows and is up for healing and transformation.
The time from the full moon to the new moon, it is said to be waxing, and it’s a time of introspection, evaluation, letting go and planning for the next cycle.
Moon ceremonies help women and our communities to harmonize our energies and intentions!  Studies have also proven that when we gather with a focused intention and purpose the energy becomes amplified and magnified exponentially!