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Summer Solstice-3







This Summer Solstice is a little extra special and potent!  It is not only the longest day of the year, but will also be the brightest because it falls on a Full Moon!  It is also not only just a Full Moon in Sagittarius, but it’s considered a “Blue Moon” because it’s the second full moon in Sagittarius and the both fall in the same season!  Hence, the second full moon is called a “Blue Moon” because it only occurs once every couple of years!

The Solstices and Equinoxes are always a powerful time for rituals to help us reset, renew, re-evaluate and set new goals!  The three days prior as well as after and the Solstice day comprise the 7 Sacred Days of Solstice!  Check out our Solstice ritual that you can do on your own from June 17th to the 23rd!

If you are in Maui, be sure to join us for our Solstice Full Moon Kundalini Yoga + Sound Healing Tantric Healing Circle at Lumeria Maui!


By Heather Salmon

The ancient Essenes are the forefathers of Christianity with Jesus and John the Baptist among their members. They taught that there were seven major areas that govern life on Earth. Every day at the noon hour they would invoke harmony in these areas and the Sevenfold Path of Peace:

  1.  Peace with the Body (Friday) – may what we take into the body create optimal health and vitality.
  1.  Peace with the Mind (Thursday) – may our minds be peace filled and aligned with the Divine Mind of Infinite perfection.
  1.  Peace with the Family (Wednesday) – may we have harmonious and loving relationships with our family and friends.
  1.  Peace with Humanity (Tuesday) – may we invoke right livelihood, divine justice, respect and reverence for all sentient beings.
  1.  Peace with Culture (Monday) – may we be filled with divine inspiration and knowledge through the arts and literature.
  1.  Peace with the Kingdom of the Earthly Mother (Sunday) – may we unify and live in cooperation with our Earthly Mother and give thanks for her waters, food, shelter and love.
  1.  Peace with the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father (Saturday) –  may we call upon the Divine Light to fill us with the radiance of that which is eternal and true.

The Sevenfold Path of Peace governed every thought, feeling and action of the Essenes. They lived in cooperative communities, communed with angels and had great agricultural proficiency. They were gardeners, mystics, prophets, healers and artists who chose to leave the chaos of cities. There were no rich nor poor amongst them as they believed that both were artificial states. Nature was their Bible.


Priestess Heather Salmon is the Co-Founder of the Black Swan Temple & Mystery School, a prayerformance healing artist and the co-author of the forthcoming book “The Black Swan Initiation.”  She offers Hypnotherapy, Sound & Energy Healing, Yoga Classes and Mystery School Initiations.   www.BlackSwanTemple.org www.MysticalAlchemy.net