August 8th, 2016 – 8:8 Lions Gate Opening!
The helical rising of the “Isis” Star Sirius opens a portal referred to as the “Lions Gate.” This portal is opens today with the Heilacal Rising (as can be seen from the West Coast of North America) of the Isis Star Sirius! Streaming thru this portal is Information, inspiration For the Divine Plan for Earth and all of Humanity!
Open your heart and receive the plan of the Almighty!

Lions are the Spirit keepers of this portal as well as the Spirit Animal that guards the integrity of Mother Africa! They represent Spiritual power!
The Frequencies of the Golden Light from our Sun as well as the Blue Light from Sirius will continue to build until 8:8 with the transmission complete 8:12.
In ancient Egypt the priesthood would receive these frequencies and then radiate them to others and throughout the land! There are many guides and teachers who are embodied right now and are helping with this! If you are reading this right now you are likely you are one of them! Thanks for helping! <3
Radiate Love!
sirius rising
For more information about working with these energies visit our blog post http://blackswantemple.org/blog/888-lions-gate/