14369910_10153718228446415_5437044561747551263_nSeptember 16th, 2016 — Harvest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse blessings!  Aloha from Maui! It’s the Full Moon in Pisces and we have been having quite the storms here. Pisces rules the rivers and they are definitely raging. In fact they have taken out several houses in the sacred IAO Valley the place where many warriors fought and died. In fact, it’s name means the “river ran red” with blood. Mother Nature is doing a deep water purification. It is time to let go of the warring ways of the past and start a new. Here are my notes on navigating the stormy waters of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

This is an emotional one … Or not… Depending on which of the Pisces fish that you are following.
The full moon is pulling at our watery emotional bodies! What kind of waves are arising for you? The eclipse creates a shadow and enables us to peek in a little deeper into our emotional intelligence. Pisces being a sign of duality as symbolized by the two fish swimming in opposite directions tied together by a string indeed has some wisdom about the trials and tribulations of creative, sensitive beings. Oh to follow the head or the heart? To be a victim or the Saint? Are we going to check out or check in? Developing emotional intelligence is key to balance and peace. Learning how to give yourself empathy is invaluable.
Start with turning within.
What are you feeling?
What are you needing?
Emote anything that is up for release. Empty yourself through sound and movement if you like.
Rest in the emptiness.
Then fill yourself up!
What are you grateful for?
What brings a smile to your heart?
If you could wave your magic wand what would you create?
Dream a beautiful dream!

    1.  14322657_10153717832316415_7545034773926668619_nThe first principle to understand in Non Violent Communication or Compassionate Communication which endeavors to create connection and deeper levels of understanding is that we all have Needs. We are all going through life trying to get these precious needs met.Sometimes our needs are met and sometimes they are not.Sometimes the way one might go about trying to get their needs met might not be meeting the needs of another!
    2. 14355516_10153717949071415_5461720965398444661_n
      Emotional Intelligence 101:

      – can you recognize what you are feeling?
      – can you recognize what needs are or are not being met in relation to these feelings?
      – do you do things to suppress your feelings and numb yourself out — self medicating, creating distractions, drugs, alcohol, etc.
      – can you guess what other people are feeling? Can you guess what needs of theirs might be being met or not?