Gemini is concerned with synthesizing the heart and the mind, the shadow and the light, the interplay of opposites to form a coherent whole. It is a mutable sign and teaches us about the importance of embracing change and resolving duality into a single unified entity. As we become whole and unified within we are able to expand and grow beyond limiting beliefs and ways of being into a new world view and possibilities. (EXACT TIME OF THE NEW MOON: May 25th at 9:44am HT).
This powerful week is also marking the beginning of the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness in the Mayan Calendar according to Carl Johan Calleman.   “May 24th may be regarded as the beginning of a sustained effort to facilitate for people to create resonance with the Ninth Wave. This event will be followed by events on June 29, August 4, and so on. It is not to be looked upon as a singular event. Yet, it can be argued that the chaos in the world has come to a point where it becomes a necessity to create resonance on a larger collective scale with the wave that generates unity consciousness.”