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By Harriet Witt

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017Will you – if you live in Hawaii – join me in a little experiment this Tuesday? It’s sponsored by our blue-green planet and by the golden star we’re orbiting. It’s also sponsored by the plant root systems who are the evolutionary ancestors of our nervous systems. Ancient Hawaiians make our experiment possible. They revered plants for transforming sun light into earth life. Looking up to plants as their wise elders, Hawaiians learned how to be light workers. They developed a method for downloading sun light through their crown chakras and transforming it into “mana” (spiritual wisdom) for their communities. This method involves PLANTing your feet on the ground and knowing yourself as a plant in a tropical breeze. As you’re doing this, you draw the light of our local star down into the soil of our home planet. This anchoring of the light is called hula, and it was vilified as a lewd act by white people eager to steal Hawaiians’ land for use as sugar and pineapple plantations.

Working with the light this way is possible only when the sun is directly overhead. It’s directly overhead only in the tropics. And here on Maui it’s directly overhead this year on July 18 at 12:33 pm in Lahaina, at 12:32 pm in Kahului and at 12:30 pm in Hana.

June 17, 2017 – Maui’s Juneteenth Gathering honoring the abolition of slavery featuring our Alchemy of Inclusiveness sacred sound healing meditation with Black Swan Priestess Heather Salmon! It was an honor to be a part of this. On this day we also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legalization of interracial marriages and the more recent legalization of same sex marriage with a interracial same sex wedding ceremony!!!

Thank you to the African Americans on Maui Association, Ayin Adams, Gwyn Gorg and the drummers including Earl Sundance Sheppard, Kunta Tharron C Rodgers, Patricia Roberts, Glen Lacey and the others for making this so especially deep and meaningfully bringing forth the spirit of Mother Africa. Thank you to the beautiful brides Kyra and Melody for being a stand for LOVE! Thank you Adesina for your being a keeper of the knowledge. Thank you to Leah Tunkara for capturing the moment and creating this beautiful video!!! Donny Regalmuto and Heather Salmon thank all of you for being a part of this beautiful day of celebration. Together we are powerfully invoking and embodying the change we wish to see in the world.