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August 17th, 2017 ~ Today we are grieving the loss of our beloved Aunt Beatrice Theresa Salmon who has gone to meet her maker. She is the last remaining child of Robert Arthur and Eugenie Eliza. I included a pic of her in her nursing finery and also a pic of her and her late sister Mae dressed to impress in outfits made by our dear grand Aunt Margaret (Aunt Mag). Aunt Mag a widow came to Canada to raise her younger sister Eugenie’s children after she and her husband Robert passed away. A deeply religious woman she was also known to “cut the rug” at family events. She saw many things in her nearly 97 years; the great depression, the second world war and on through the changes in the 60’s and 70’s and into the digital age. A born preacher she was always ready to say a few words of prayer before smothering you with an abundance of kisses. She is the last of her generation and will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Although many departed before her, she always made a lasting impression and will be greatly missed. Special love to Aunt Beverley Salmon for being her tireless champion and advocate in her later years.

Last year when we sat with her I had written these words of wisdom that she shared …

1. Age – she never liked to talk about it. Last year she said she felt like she was 60.

2. Faith – have some! She went to church every Sunday and listened to her spiritual programs every night.

3. Gratitude – be grateful and don’t be in complaint.

4. Service – Aunt Bea loved to help the “old” people. She was volunteering 1 day a week at the local hospital right up to very recently. And the gave her an award for being the oldest volunteer they ever had!

5. Stay Active! – She loved to sing and dance and get her groove on!

6. Learn & Grow! You are never too old to learn! Aunt Bea was going to the library twice a week for computer lessons.

7. Food – watch what you eat! Don’t eat junk! Food is important!

8. Keep your mind sharp! Read!!

9. Love – be good to each other!

Fly with the Angels Aunt!
Thank you for everything!
Rest in heavenly places sweet angel 😇💕

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 ~  “Great American Eclipse” prep webinar with Scott Catamas and a wonderful panel! Wisdom, Tips,Tools & Practices from Richard Van Donk -, Ken Kalb, John LaughingHawk, Gwenevere Bridge, Heather Salmon, Celestine Star, Tziporah Kingsbury and other friends!

Here is some follow up information on some of the points Heather touched on …

Lions Gate Energy blog article

Sekhmet, the Lion Headed Goddess blog article

Scholar Isabella Price on the Dark Goddess & that Great Change blog article

Aunt Bea video

Solar Eclipse Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony ~ Aug 21st, 7pm at Lumeria Maui more info



Journey through the Chakras with Heather Salmon & Donny Regal of Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing.  Included in this offering are:

  • Chakra Chart
  • Guided Meditation MP3
  • Instrumental Soundscapes Through the Chakras MP3
  • Video Meditation

Lions Gate Eclipse Cauldron Special Offer of 33% (Through August 21st) with the Discount Code:  ROAR  order now!


{Audio Replay} August 6th, 2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Salon with scholar Isabella Price, author of “I’m (with) Her ~ Your journey of Empowerment on the path of the Goddess” — a magnificent work and a must read for all those interested in the rising of the goddess! Isabella shares about the importance of the dark skinned goddesses such as the Black Madonna, Kali and Durga! Considered to be a powerful force of sacred love, the Dark Goddess IS here!

According to Isabella’s research She is a catalyst for alchemical transformation! “She represents the shattering of the old paradigms that precede transformation! She repairs and heals the world.”

Isabella reveals more on the dark-skinned Mothers and their fascinating symbolism that relates to our times of great change. Included in her presentation will is an invocation to the Mother and a guided meditation.

Hosted by Heather Salmon of the Black Swan Temple.

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