{Audio Replay} August 6th, 2017 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Salon with scholar Isabella Price, author of “I’m (with) Her ~ Your journey of Empowerment on the path of the Goddess” — a magnificent work and a must read for all those interested in the rising of the goddess! Isabella shares about the importance of the dark skinned goddesses such as the Black Madonna, Kali and Durga! Considered to be a powerful force of sacred love, the Dark Goddess IS here!
According to Isabella’s research She is a catalyst for alchemical transformation! “She represents the shattering of the old paradigms that precede transformation! She repairs and heals the world.”
Isabella reveals more on the dark-skinned Mothers and their fascinating symbolism that relates to our times of great change. Included in her presentation will is an invocation to the Mother and a guided meditation.
Hosted by Heather Salmon of the Black Swan Temple.