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The Temple received it’s name when founder Heather Salmon was ordained as an Essene Minister in 2005 and was gifted two Black Swan statues.Clearly a sign, the Black Swan has several connotations

First there is the children’s story of the ugly duckling. You may recall that there was a among them a black swan who didn’t know she was a swan but thought that she was an ugly duckling as all of the rest of the ducks looked all same. Then one day, the “ugly duckling” grew up and discovered that she wasn’t an ugly duckling at all, but a beautiful swan! This is a beautiful metaphor for the transformation that is created on our path of Awakening.

There is also the Black Swan “Theory” that is used to describe “an unpredictable event that defies prediction” and has a major impact!. These events are usually characterized by “hindsight bias” meaning that there is a tendency to believe that the event was predictable based on knowledge gained after the event occurred. As we Awaken we are able to utilize our higher senses and abilities to create what might seem like the “miraculous.” A Course in Miracles states that miracles are merely “corrections” for things that we erroneously thought we “true.” It is the mission of the Black Swan Temple t inspire greatness and a sustainable, just and peaceful human presence on earth.

The third aspect of the Black Swan comes from the Egyptian pantheon, On 10/10 Black Swan Temple founder Heather Salmon was ordained into the Temple of Isis and became a priestess of Nuit, Isis and Hathor. Nuit/Nut is associated with the night sky and Isis, her daughter, is the winged goddess of 10,000 names. 
The Black Swan Temple is dedicated to helping others discover their true and divine beauty and nature and to assisting in the transformation of HUmanity through transformational Black Swan Events! 
The Black Swan Temple serves the greater community in numerous ways including:

Black Swan Temple Sanctuary (Maui, Hawaii)

The Black Swan Temple in Maui, Hawaii is a healing sanctuary has a mission of being a living demonstration of sustainable Earth based community. We offer personal retreats, rituals and ceremonies as well as recording studio sessions.

Mystery School

The Black Swan Mystery School offers teaching of the Essene sevenfold path of peace as well as the ritual magic off the path of Isis and other paths of light and truth. We offer programming person as well as internet based training and ordination.

Cleanse for Peace Program

Cleanse for Peace Program – a 10 day cleansing program hosted by Heather Salmon and Joy Taylor and supported with 4 Teleseminars, an ebook, private Facebook group, withthe purium Celebrity Transformation Cleanse Kit.

Mystical Alchemy Prayerformances

Mystical Alchemy Prayerformances – music, sound healing, alignment with the cycles of nature – designed to heal, enlighten, inspire and evolve community. We offer sacred sound healing live prayerformances and support up and coming artists through collaboration and our Mystery School teachings.

Feminine Mystique Radio Show

The Feminine Mystique Radio Show – listen to recordings.


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