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Global Virtual New Moon Ceremony

July 4th, 2016 – New Moon in Cancer — Self Love, Self Care & Compassion

  New Moon blessings! Cancer ruler of the Divine Feminine principle, the element of water, the moon and our emotional body which has many forms and expressions — our navigational system guiding us back to the state of being of Spirit which is JOY! Take good care of yourselves and your extended families! What self…

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New Moon in Aries – April 7, 2016

  April 7th, 2016 — New Moon in Aries 4:23 am PDT/ 11:23 am GMT Aries is the fist sign of the zodiac and is the instigator and igniter of inspiration and ideas. Ho’oponopono prayer helps to clear any and all obstructions to higher consciousness and inner peace and can be recited at any time:I…

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July 31st, 2015 ~ Blue Moon

July 31st, 2015 ~ Blue Moons happen when we have two full moons in the same month and the same season! The second full moon in the month is then called a Blue Moon! This occurs about once a year or two so people have coined the term “once in a blue moon.” 🌝 This…

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July 25th – Mayan Calendar “Day Out of Time” & Goddess Wisdom

Blessed “Day Out Of Time.” According to the Mayan Calendar which follows the moon cycles allowing for 13 months of 28 days with one extra day which EQUALS the same number of days as the awkwardly contrived Gregorian 52 week calendar! This one extra day is called the “day out of time” and falls on…

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The Menstrual Origins of Our Calendars

The menstrual origins of our calendars (AUDIO) Pssst! You! Yeah, you… are a passenger on a planet… on a blue-green planet that’s orbiting a golden star. And right now we are traveling through a part of our orbit that we call July – a good time to remember that a month is a moonth. A…

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Solstice Sunrise Ceremony @ Haleakela Summit {Chants & Audio}

  June 21st, 2015 – Sunrise – Blessed Solstice Weekend! We’re in the 7 sacred days of solstice! A powerful time for transformation! The Ancients knew this and built temples and created ceremonies to align with the energies!  Sunday at Sunrise we will be at the top of Haleakela to stand in solidarity with 10,000…

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Gemini Moon Logic …

This Gemini lunar cycle is offering us an opportunity to expand our awareness and communication skills and embrace diversity! We are reminded that this calls for flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to be curious and inquisitive about other peoples points of view and experiences so that we can move forward in a positive way. Non…

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Creating Sacred Space

There are so many ways to create altars and for so many purposes.  Here is a guide to for the basic elements to consider! 1.  Decide what the purpose of your altar is. You can have numerous Altars in your home.  Each can have a specific focus or intention.  Some examples of various focuses would…

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April 25th, 2013 – The “Awakening” Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Heather Salmon We are heading into a powerful series of three eclipses beginning this Thursday with a Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio! This Full Moon is often referred to as the pink, sprouting, egg, seed or awakening moon.  The Sun is in Taurus which is symbolized by the fertile empress for it is…

Heather’s U&I Radio Talk Show Interview

March 7th, 2013 Heather’s Interview on U&I Talk Radio On Mystical Healing and the Virtual Global New Moon Ceremony Heather’s Notes:  “very fun and enlightening Radio Interview and after I demonstrated the Vocal Sound Healing Rebirthing practice I do with Louise Uwacu the host … she told me that that’s what she seen people do…

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