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Spring Equinox Ancient Egypt Spiritual Tour, Sacred Sound & Temple Initiations

March 19 - March 30

The Ancient Egyptians saw their land as a sacred reflection of Heaven on Earth. They perceived the Nile as the Earthly mirror of the Milky Way … a celstial river that aligns us with the energy of the Divine Mother!  The temples along the Nile are connected to the chakras and their ancient codes awaken our inherent power and ability to experience higher consciousness.

Spiritual Tour of Ancient Egypt
Spring Equinox 2018
March 19th – 31st, 2018

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Journey the Nile with Heather and Donny and receive teachings, meditations and sacred sound activations.

Receive profound transmissions on how the temples relate to the energy centers of the body, as well as on the transformative nature of the sacred alchemical marriages of the divine feminine and masculine.

Highlights …

  • Giza Pyramids Private Sunrise Ceremony
  • Nile Riverboat 5 Day Journey
  • Evening Sound & Light Show at Isis Temple
  • Ancient Cairo Tour
  • Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Ancient Temples & Mystery School Teachings
  • Yoga & Sacred Sound Meditations
  • and more …


Heather Salmon & Donny Regalmuto

Heather and Donny are the visionary creators of the acclaimed Mystical Alchemy a prayerformance ministry who blend healing and performing arts in the creation of transformational multimedia, sound and energy healing journeys.  They are both ordaind clergy of the Temple of Isis and Fellowship of Isis.  Residing in Maui, Hawaii at the Black Swan Temple/Maui Music Mansion, artist residency, nature sanctuary and retreat center which they cofounded.  They offer health and wellness retreats, Mystery School Training, Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremoies and have produced 25 HypnoSound Healing and music CDs and 2 DVDs in their 7 years together in sacred union.


Mohammed Anwar

Mohammed is an expert Egyptologist holding a degree in Tourism and an advanced diploma in Ancient Egyptian Religions.  He has been leading tours for 12 years and grew up near Karnak temple and has a deep connection to Ancient Egypt.  He has a passion for sharing spiritual side of Ancient Egypt.


A journey of a lifetime with deeply caring guides. Here’s what Heather and Donny’s retreat clients and ceremony participants have had to say …
“It was the most magical, spiritual experience of my life.” ~ Candy C. (Dominican Republic)
“Heather and Donny create such a powerful sacred space for healing and transformation to take place. I’m always brought to deeper places within myself. I always travel higher and stretch wider than I can even imagine. They are extraordinary together. The work they do is out of this world.” ~ Kerri Leblang, Singer Song Writer, Author (Los Angeles)
“immersed in a cocoon of caring. Heather and Donny provide a nurturing space for their guests to heal and to rejoice in an exploration of possibilities.” ~ Virginia G., Toronto, Canada