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Gemini New Moon Integration ~ May 2020

Warm greetings to you on this Gemini New Moon and Memorial Day long weekend.

Memorial Day first came into being in 1868 as Decoration Day to honor those who died in the American Civil war. As you undoubtably know, the civil war began primarily as a result of the longstanding controversy of the enslavement of black people.

In 1865 the Confederacy collapsed, slavery was abolished and 4 million black slaves were freed.

I bring this up because this Gemini New Moon and interesting time we are in is somewhat similar in that we too are being called to take a deep look at who we are being, what we believe, and what we stand for. We too have an opportunity to come together to make a powerful change!

Times are changing and we are participants in creating a new way of being on this beautiful Earth that can potentially be more just, more sustainable, more fulfilling, thriving and peaceful.

Gemini is about re-membering and bringing opposites together, as it’s symbolized by twins, who offer mirror reflections of each other. Reflections that are not necessarily identical. They may be quite divergent and even polar opposites. Remember where there is light, there is also a shadow.

Our journey of understanding the potential power and alchemy of the synergy of these opposites begins within — with reclaiming all parts of ourselves. This means that during these challenging times when fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger, self loathing, and other intense emotions that may come up for us arise, it’s important to stay present to all of it. Recognize also that sometimes we may have a tendency to use drugs, alcohol, TV, etc., to check out and deny what is happening. And sometimes we may use spiritual ideas, concepts, and practices to numb and distract us from our feelings. When we do this it’s called Spiritual Bypassing and it can be just has harmful as using substances to check out.

Our job at this moment is to become aware and present to our thoughts and feelings and bring all parts of us back to us with unconditional divine love; and to check in with our higher self to find the highest truth. Seek first the queen/kingdom within and all things shall be added unto you. This is the path of wholeness and is key through this rocky passage.

Recognize also that what may seem like scary shadow parts of you, can actually carry some enormous gifts that may help you and us to move mountains. They may actually help to align us with our soul’s purpose and highest expression. Seek and you shall find. Keep asking the ancestors to be shown the way. Have you ever heard about the wounded healer as being the most powerful healer of all?

As we do this work for ourselves, we are also doing it within our communities.

These New Moon energies with three planets retrograding are creating a very mutable energetic field that is calling for flexibility and versatility. This means that things — our minds, our ideas, and our systems are all prime for real and lasting change more easily now. The time is right for people to come together to build something for the future that is innovative and can move us beyond polarity consciousness into unity consciousness.

Buckminster Fuller said …
“In order to change an existing paradigm
you do not struggle to try and change
the problematic model. You create a new
model and make the old one obsolete.”

We can do this by embracing our differences and by recognizing that together we are a genius. Things are falling apart so that we can come together, collaborate and create practical solutions and new ways of being. Team work will make our dream work. It is up to us!


Journal Questions:

How is your Gemini New Moon integration coming along? What parts of you are your reclaiming? What wounds and gifts do they bring? Can you feel a sense of wholeness, inspiration and personal power rising from within? What’s shifted? What are your New Moon intentions? Have you written them down?

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3 months ago

It’s great to see you two are still in action.Stay blessed.🙏✌👍😇


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