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Healing Power of Sound

September 2017
By Heather Salmon (originally published in Maui Vision Magazine)
“First there was the Word” (John 1:1).  In the Hindu tradition it is also believed that all of creation is sound and that if we attune to the creative spirit, we would hear the root sound of creation, the sound of “Aum” or “Om.”

Sound has in and of itself an inherent transformative power.  We also know that intention brings power to our creative imaginings.  When we combine sound with intention we describe the powerful and growing in popularity modality of sound healing.  It is fast becoming recognized as having scientific efficacy and sound healing is today what yoga was to our evolutionary development in the West 20 years ago!

Sound healing is the application of intentionally using sound to create an environment which is conducive for healing on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels of our being.  Frequency, vibration and intention can help the brain organize at a more complex level by taking what Works pretty good but doses only cover 8 hrs. Because my shifts start at 5 am and can end anywhere to 8:30 pm, I have to guess at my 8 hr. Window. When I take 1.5 pills per day, I run out too fast and the pharmacy holds the script. Then I crash for several weeks until refill. Nuvigi and provigil are true wonder drugs but I personally need 250 and 125 simultaneous as we go into a 24/7 society, I need covered at least 12 hrs. http://www.bronsonpharmacy.com/product/provigil/.

The intentional use of sound adds power to the conduit whether it is generated from conscious chanting, guided music, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, temple bells, gongs, chimes, tuning forks, intuitive vocal toning, instruments, or recorded sounds.

Sound healing has been proven effective in addressing stress related imbalances such as chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, psorisis, as well as in enhancing learning, intuition, the imagination and boosting the immune system.   When used in ceremony and ritual it amplifies the transformational power of the prayers and intentions for all involved.

Heather Salmon is an inspiring healer, planetary priestess, cultural creative, agent of change and recording artist. She has been a practicing sound and energy healer for over 20 years.   She offers monthly sound healing ceremonies, ongoing personal yoga, Aerial Yoga Play and sound healing rejuvenation retreats, workshops, classes and Mystical Alchemy Mystery School trainings.  www.BlackSwanTemple.orgwww.MysticalAlchemy.org

Maui Vision Magazine

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