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Mystical Alchemy Flexible Date Yoga & Sound Healing Retreats

These retreats are available year round and are designed to meet your specific needs and schedule.  Arrive when you like and stay as long as you like.  These retreats include daily yoga and sound healing, meal programs, classes and special events.  Personal guided journeys and ceremonies at sacred sites are available additional options and so is airport transfer.


Everything about my experience was life altering. The love and nurturing I received was amazing. — Jeremy M., California (May 2016)

The Sound Healing journeys were the most magical and spiritual experiences of my life. It was the most amazing experience ever! — Candy C, (Bronx, NY) Feb 2016

Heather and Donny provided such a safe space for me to let go of what I was wanting to let go of. On our first night they asked us about our intentions and I feel like they kept that in mind the whole time we were there. The sound healing really took me to a whole other level.  Every time I would go to another world!  — Janalyn R., Saskatoon, Canada (May 2016)

Personally my experience was too much to be able to put into mere words but to say I am a changed person after attending the Maui Mystical Alchemy experience is an understatement…. next level of my soul for sure. — Karlita W, Canada (May 2016)

Excellent I would rate it a 10/10 this exceeded any expectations I had.  This was the most extraordinary experience, Heather and Donny are the most gracious and welcoming couple and the sound healing is exceptional. — Maree B, Australia (June 2016)

Heather and Donny’s retreat space is a hidden treasure, an eco-oasis of peace and rejuvenation! —Rod and Isabella Price, Walnut Creek, CA (August 2016)

At Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreat you will be immersed in a cocoon of caring. Heather and Donny provide a nurturing space for their guests to heal and to rejoice in an exploration of possibilities. — Virginia G., Toronto, Canada (April 2016)


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