May 16, 2018

(March 26, 2017) Aries New Moon Sound Healing Ceremony * VIDEO REPLAY *


I am THAT I am! This New Moon in Aries keyword is "I AM." What are you declaring to be and express this year? It is time to get to the root of anything that has blocked or limiting you from your magnificence. We are deep into Venus retrograde now and she is helping us to go deep into our shadows so that we can heal and clean out all that is no longer serving and align with that which we truly value in regards to relationships, finances, self care and ways of living. It's time to dive in and go in for that thorough spring cleaning. Get ready to start a new because establishing new patterns and habits now will more easily take hold and serve us well for many moons to come!

Aries New Moon Sacred Sound Healing Ceremony with Heather Salmon Donny Regalmuto Gayle Jonson Alma Pineda Amy Nicole Sky and friends at Lumeria Maui #newmoonceremony #ariesnewmoon #ritual #soundhealing #cacaoceremony #maui #hawaii (this is only part of the ceremony, we got dropped off of the internet 40 minutes into it ... price of living in paradise! ;-)

The New Moon is exact on Monday March 27th, 4:57pm HT/ 7:57pm PT/ 10:57pm ET!

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