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Maui Mystical Alchemy Retreats

Sound Healing & Ceremonies

Rituals & Healing Ceremonies

Personal Sound Healing Session

Receive personalized Sound Healing Journey with Heather and Donny at the Black Swan Temple in Maui or have a personalized Sound Journey recorded and sent to you! You pick your intention! In either case, this journey will be recorded and you will receive an Mp3 of the session!
$150 per hour (1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions available)

Sound Healing & Yoga Classes

We offer Sound Healing Classes as well as Yoga Classes in Maui, at retreats, teachers trainings, festivals and special events.  We have 19 HypnoSound Healing CDs and 1 Yoga DVD.  Some examples of our sound healing classes include Sound Healing for the Chakras and Toning for the Organs.

Healing & Coaching Sessions

Heather offers both in person and long distance skype sessions.



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