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By Heather Salmon

This Valentines Day there is a global initiative calling for 1 billion people to take a stand to end violence against women and children. Approximately 1 of 3 women will or has been raped, or beaten during her lifetime.  Violence is a global issue and can strike women from any background anywhere and includes date rape, emotional abuse, female genital mutilation, stalking, human trafficking, domestic abuse, and same sex relationship violence.

Women most often experience violence at the hands of someone they know and can be left with deep emotional, mental and physical scars.  Violence against women not only affects the victim but the whole community.  With a population of 7 billion people 1 in 3 means that staggering 1 billion women are violated!

One Billion Rising is the inspiration of Eve Ensler playwright/founder of the award winning Vagina Monologues, and is a global activist movement that has been growing over the past 15 years.  In 2012, over 5,800 V-Day benefit events took place in the U.S. and around the world, educating millions of people about the reality of violence against women and girls.. To date, the V-Day movement has raised over $90 million and educated millions about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it.  International educational, media and PSA campaigns have been created, shelters opened, and over 14,000 community-based anti-violence programs and safe houses funded in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, South Dakota, Egypt and Iraq.

This V-Day women and those who love them are joining forces world wide and creating events, dances, strikes and rising up to demand an end to this violence.   Join or create V-Day ONE BILLION RISING today and SAY NO to violence against women and girls.

Febraury 14th Hawaii Events:

POwer of Love (Maui)

7:30 PM HST
Maui Yoga Path @ Mana Kai Resort (Kihei, HI)
Journey with us into the heart of love for healing and expansion with sacred sound healing, cacao, essential oil anointings, music and dance with the Black Swan Temple, Mystical Alchemy and Friends!

Rise up in Unity – Dance-Music-Community

6:00 PM HST
Makawao Union Church (Makawao, HI)
Come to an inspiring evening of music and dance. Join us for the worldwide celebration of Womens empowerment, along with V-Day, the global organization dedicated to ending violence against women. Afro-Brazilian Dance and Drumming with Rada 6-7 P.M. Sufi Dancing with Leilah and Bodhi 7-8 P.M. more …

One Billion Rising

7:00 PM HST
Mile Marker 12, Hwy 130 (Pahoa, HI)

We will have empowerment playshops showing self defense and healthy boundary setting, a group dance/performance to Break The Chain – One Billion Rising song, healthy food , tables set up with info on local organizations that support an end to violence

One Billion Rising Honolulu

6:00 PM HST
The ARTS at Marks Garage (Honolulu, HI)

Pre-February 14 Events (2): 2:00 PM on February 3 Marks Garage will be hosting us for a dance rehearsal to learn one coordinated dance for the event.  All are invited to join us in this celebration!   FEBRUARY 14 EVENTS: 6:00 PM: The ARTS at Marks Garage

Dancing in the Streets

5:00 PM HST
Molokai Community Service Counsel Front Street Kam Hwy. (Kaunakakai, HI)

Molokai is rising up and “Dancing in the Streets” of our little town.  We invite all agencies, businesses, schools, as well as all women, men, & children to join us as we dance to the cause.  On Feb 14th 2013 we will dance on the street and court yard of the Library building

One Billion Rising Wai’anae hosted by CHSS

4:00 PM HST
Hui Hana Pono (Waianae, HI)

This is a family-friendly event to promote a violence free Waianae We will have great music and performances by local dance groups, flash-mob dance, and free dance.

V-Day Dance

12:30 PM HST
Kaua’i Community College (Lihue, HI)
The students and staff of the University of HI Kaua’i CC will be dancing to show their support of this movement to end violence against women.

UH Maui College Rising

12:00 PM HST
UH Maui College (Kahului, HI)

On V-Days 15th Anniversary, 14 February 2013, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence.

One Billion Rising HNL

12:00 PM HST
The Loading Zone (Honolulu, HI)

Noontime: One Billion Rising HNL @ Campus Center, University of Hawai’i @ Manoa – PAU Violence, the Women’s Center, and the Ethnic Studies Student Association are hosting the event alongside KTUH dj and emcee Seph1 to promote this event to the students, faculty, and staff on campus.

One Billion Rising at UH Manoa

12:00 PM HST
UH Manoa Campus Center (Honolulu, HI)
The University of Hawaii at Manoa joins the world to RISE against violence toward women. We rise in solidarity to END gender based violence.

Rising on Maui

12:00 PM HST
UH Maui College: Great Lawn (Kahului, HI)
Join the Rising on Maui as we RISE to end violence against women and girls on Maui and around the world.

One Billion Rising KCC

12:00 PM HST
Kapiolani Community College (Honolulu, HI)

Kapiolani Community College (KCC) is participating by hosting a lunch time event on 2/14/13.  We will ask the campus community share why they are rising, and also encourage participation in a short dance which will be led by faculty and students.

Celebrate life as a women

12:00 PM HST
Outrigger Aina Nalu Resort (Lahaina, HI)

1 Billion Rising WCC

11:00 AM HST
Windward Community College (Kaneohe, HI)
 Join with 1 BILLION RISING WCC in a statement of celebration and dance to end ALL violence.   Join DJ Gusty Gus, the ASUH-WCC Student Senate, Intramurals – Sexual Violence Prevention Program, WCC Career & Transfer Center, WCC Service Learning, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, TRiO Stude

Wahine Ala (women rising)

10:00 AM HST
The Peer in Hanalei Bay (Hanalei, HI)

A day, a dance, a declaration. To rise above violence, above hate, and above cruelty against females worldwide. Men and women alike are invited to move together in an effort to stop this pandemic.

For a complete listing visit http://www.onebillionrising.org/page/event/search_results?orderby=day&state=HI&country=US&limit=200&radius_unit=mi

To sign up and learn more, visit www.onebillionrising.org

Here are some things that you can do to help end the violence!

  • Call the police if you see or hear evidence of domestic violence.
  • Support a friend or family member who may be in an abusive relationship.
  • Volunteer at a local domestic violence shelter or other organization that helps survivors or works to prevent violence.
  • Raise children to respect others and deal with anger in non violent ways. T
  • Learn Compassionate Communication Skills. Work to create a culture that rejects violence as a way to deal with problems.
  • Become an activist. Participate in an anti-violence events! Tell your congressional representatives that you want them to support domestic violence services and violence prevention programs.
  • Volunteer in youth programs. Get involved in programs that teach young people to solve problems without violence.
  • Ask about anti-violence policies and programs at work and school. At work, ask about policies that deal with sexual harassment.


RESOURCE BOX: Heather Salmon, author of the forthcoming book the Black Swan Initiation is a priestess, innovative spiritual guide, hypnosound healer and prayerformance artist. Join for the Power of Love Rising Event in Kihei, February 14th, 2013.   For more information and free Mystical Alchemy HypnoSound Healing MP3 visit www.MysticalAlchemy.net


Note from Heather Salmon: You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the author is byline, at the beginning, and resource box, at the end, are included. A courtesy copy of your publication or online e-mail link to it would be appreciated. Thank you.

MA - 4

Contact:  Heather Salmon





Monday, March 11th, 2013 @ 2PM HI, 4PM PT, 7PM ET

Black Swan Temple:  On March 11th, 2013 Auntie Puanani Mahoe, respected Hawaiian spiritual master in the kahuna tradition, will be sharing on the tradition of Aloha on the Virtual New Moon Ceremony FREE Global Webcast!

auntie puaAuntie Pua is a much sought-after speaker on Hawaiian history and culture.  She loves to share her vast knowledge and experience with others interested in learning more about health and healing, spirituality, art. music, and family in the native Hawaiian tradition, including the ancient ritual of ho’oponopono or mutual forgiveness.  She shares the spirit of “aloha” that she considers to be the birthright of all humanity. Auntie Pua explains that “Aloha, more than just a word, but a way of life, a teaching, and a birthright for all living beings.”  It’s about love. The “ah” is the first light of dawn.

423587_10150586586651415_1506054105_nThe Virtual Global New Moon Ceremony is a Online Ceremony LIVE Webcast FREE every New Moon from the Temple of Peace on Maui, Hawaii!  Produced and hosted by the Black Swan Temple Mystery School and Mystical Alchemy Prayerformance Artists Priestess Heather Salmon and Rev. Donny Regalmuto who launched this initiative as a vehicle to bring together people from around the world to focus on a common vision of a peaceful, sustainable, thriving and just human presence on the planet.

temple of peace mosaic tile mural 16They will be webcasting live from the Temple of Peace with Rev. Kedar and Rev. Shelley St. John who founded and temple and were recently Knighted into the Order of St. John in recognition for their humanitarian work.

Salmon say that “studies have demonstrated that it quantifiable shifts have been measured in places where people have gathered to pray and focus on crime rates being reduced for example.”  Science has shown that it takes the square root of 1% of a population to focus together to create such a measurable shift.  For the planet that is around 700,000.  It is a goal of the Virtual New Moon Ceremony to have 700,000 people tuning in every month by the end of 2013 to focus in prayer and for inspiration from a diverse group of special guests representing many cultures and spiritual practices.

What:  The Global Virtual New Moon Ceremony

Hosts:   Heather Salmon and Donny Regalmuto

Special Guests:  Auntie Puanani Mahoe, Hawaiian Kahuna

Location:  Temple of Peace with Rev. Kedar and Rev. Shelley St. John, Maui


When:  Monday, March 11th, 2013

2pm Maui
4pm Pacific
7pm Eastern
10pm Rio De Janiero
SAT 12Midnight London
SUN 2am Jerusalem
SUN 3am Nairobi
SUN 9am Tokyo
SUN 11am Sydney


Live Streamed Online On YouTube:    www.Youtube.com/TheMysticalAlchemy

Donations: Paypal HeatherLSalmon@yahoo.com

***all proceeds go to support the Black Swan Temple a Project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. a California 501(c)(3) Corporation – Founded in 1978




Black Swan Temple’s

Total Lunar Eclipse Mystic Mass with Astronomy and Astrology Talk and Gathering Under the Stars

Monday, April 14th at 7pm

On the evening of Monday April 14th/15th we will experience the first in a rare series of 4 total eclipses called a tetrad  that will be viewable from North America.  The height of the eclipse will last 78 minutes peaking in it’s totality at 9:06 pm HAST, with almost exact alignment of the Earth and the Moon occurring at 9:46 pm HAST and emerging out of the shadow at 11:33 pm HAST.

Unlike Solar Eclipses, this Lunar Eclipse is completely and safely viewable by the naked eye or with binoculars or a small telescope.  These lunar eclipses have been named as Blood Moons because sunlight bent by our atmosphere around the curvature of the Earth the Moon will appear as having a coppery glow and will present the illusion of seemingly glowing from within by its own light.

Join us for this Lunar Eclipse ritual and enjoy and evening that will begin with a multimedia talk and presentation on the anatomy, astronomy and astrology of the eclipse and the terad with Priestess Heather Salmon and Rev. Donny Regal.

We will then open sacred space through a sound healing invocation and music and set our intentions in a way that makes best use of this rare energy portal.

From here we will move outside and observe the eclipse while we share music, stories and food by the bon fire!

* Multimedia Mystical Ritual with Sacred Music & Sound Healing Under the Stars (Weather Permitting)

* Astronomy & Astrology talk

* Bon Fire

* Vegetarian Potluck

* Music Sharings

Things to bring … binoculars, telescope, flashlight, dress comfy to be outside, something to make you comfy inside for sound healing journey and meditation.

Please park mindfully in our driveway and on an angle at the bottom allowing for 3 cars on each side.  Walk all the way up the driveway to the Temple in the back.

Love Offerings in support of the Temple are Welcome <3

23 Door of Faith (Hana Hwy past Twin Falls.  Look for the 3.5 Mile Marker … make next Left onto Door of Faith … go down 300 yards … you will pass 2 Churches — we are the first driveway past the second church on the LEFT)  — please park on an angle on either side at the bottom of the drive way allowing for 3-4 cars on each side)

Walk all the way up to the Temple space at the top of the driveway!




Please join us on Sunday, July 13th for our Full Moon Gathering with Sacred Music, Sound Healing and Special Guest Sydney Leigh!

* Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing Ritual Journey with Heather Salmon, Donny Regal and Friends

* Sydney Leigh – Special Musical Guest who will be departing the island next week!

* Also, celebrate the birthdays of Heather and Ariel Leianna

Doors open at 7pm
Music begins at 8pm

VEGETARIAN Potluck to follow (desserts and pupus)

23 Door of Faith Rd, Huelo

Please be mindful of parking. Please park on the street or at the bottom of our driveway on an ANGLE allowing for space for others as well.

Please walk all of the way up the driveway to the back house and up the stairs to the Temple space on the SECOND Floor!

Temple Donations Welcome

Please join us on Sunday, August 10th for our Full Moon Gathering with Sacred Music and Sound Healing. This is the biggest full Moon of 2014! It will appear as much as 14% closer and 30% brighter than other full Moons of the year hence it is called a Super Moon!

Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing Ritual Journey with
Heather Salmon – crystal singing bowls & vocals
Donny Regalmuto – keyboards & vocals

Special Guests TBA

Arrive/doors open at 6pm

Music begins at 7pm

Black Swan Temple
23 Door of Faith Rd, Huelo

Please be mindful of parking. Please park on the street or at the bottom of our driveway on an ANGLE allowing for space for others as well.

Please walk all of the way up the driveway to the back house and up the stairs to the Temple space on the SECOND Floor!

To be comfortable you may want to bring a pillow and yoga mat for the sound journey

Temple Donations Welcome


Join Heather Salmon, Donny Regalmuto and friends as we celebrate the Fall Equinox at the Black Swan Temple! The Equinox is a time to reflect on that which you’ve harvested in this solar cycle and prepare for the inward journey of the fall and winter seasons tapping into our dreams, visions and potential!

6pm VEGETARIAN Potluck
Followed by Ritual and Sound Journey and open sharing so bring your instruments, prayers and offerings!

23 Door of Faith Road
Huelo, HI 96708

PLEASE be mindful of parking. If you are parking at the bottom of our driveway, park on an angle so 3 cars can be on each side. There is also parking available across the street on the road.

WALK ALL the way UP the driveway to the back house. The Temple space is located on the second floor. Use the steps at the rear of the house!

PS.  You may want to bring a pillow to sit on or a yoga mat to make yourself comfortable during the sound healing!

Donations Welcome!


The Winter Solstice marks longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere! This year the New Moon also falls on the same day so this year the longest night will also be the darkest night!

Then three days later on December 25th the Light begins to get longer upon the Earth! This time has been honored as a sacred and holy time as the return of the light brings the promise of life and illumination!

Join us for a very special Sacred Sound Healing Ritual at the beautiful Lumeria Maui.

With Mirabai Devi offering special Solstice Blessings

* Heather Salmon ~ Crystal Singing Bowls & Vocals
* Donny Regalmuto ~ Keyboards & Vocals
* Heather Neeraja Parsons ~ Vocals

Sunday, December 21st @ 7pm
Lemuria Maui Yoga Shala
Suggested Donation $10-$20


Taro Burgers & Fritters

Heather’s Gourmet Taro Burger & Fritters w/ Pesto Sauce Recipe

So, we were gifted with these four beautiful Taro Roots and I went to town creating this gourmet vegan gluten free super food recipe! Mind you, this made enough for over 20 people so I’ll be taking some to our Farmers Union Artists Committee Meeting on Sunday!

The Taro in Hawai’i Nei is considered a “canoe plant’ that was brought to the islands by the Polynesians in their canoes many years ago!   It is also known as Kalo is believed to have the greatest life force of all foods.  From early times, kalo was the primary food of the Hawai`i people, supplemented by other principal and traditional foods: breadfruit (`ulu), sweet potato (`uala), yams, greens, ferns, fruit, fish and seaweed (limu).

Traditionally Hawaiian’s mash it up into what is called poi!  This recipe is not at all traditional Hawaiian!  But Taro is also found in the West Indies where my family was from, so you are getting a bit of a gourmet world cuisine recipe here!  Enjoy!

All of the produce was local, I’ve “*” what’s not!

boc choy
Pulp from juiced veggies
Pulp from Almond Milk*
Purple Sunrise – Organic Ancient Grains (Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia)*
Organic Seeds (Millet, Flax)*
Olive & Coconut Oil*

1. Skin and cube taro and boil for an hour then mash it up! Leave some chunks! This is now called “poi”. I didn’t have a masher so I used the back of a ladle! Great work out! DO NOT put it in your vitamix I almost killed mine! :-0

2. Cook quinoa

3. Dice and saute veggies in olive or coconut oil

4. Slowly incorporate sauteed veggies into the poi mixture.

5. Then add the cooked quinoa

6. Add salt to taste. Can also add chili powder.

7. To make the mixture less gooey I then added pulp that I had in the freezer that was made from vegetables that had been juiced and some almond meal pulp. This stiffened it up a bit. I also found that adding ground flax meal to the patties as I was creating them was a good idea to dry them out a bit!

8. You can then turn these into patties and pan fry in olive or coconut oil or bake.

9. To make the fritters, which added a really great crust I rolled the patties in Purple Sunrise Breakfast cereal which is a powdered whole grain super food mixture. Then I pan fried them. This gave them an amazing crispy texture reminiscent of Southern Corn Fritters! Which got me to thinking that it would have also been amazing to add organic corn kernels and jalapenos to the recipe!

Turmeric Pesto Sauce
(made by Donny 🙂

* Turmeric
* Basil
* Garlic
* Lemons
* Olive Oil
* Salt
* Water

June 21st, 2015 – Donny and Heather greeted the Summer Solstice Sunrise atop Haleakela Summit (10,000 feet) Maui, Hawaii 5:40 am Sunday, June 21st, 2015!

SUNRISE was at 5:50 am and SOLSTICE was at 6:38 AM

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