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David & Sofia Chang

Washington DC

We spent our honeymoon at the Black Swan Temple and had an amazing time. Our accommodations were beautifully rustic, spiritually grounding and comfortably rainy – a great mix of the best of what the northern side of Maui can offer. We were surprised to find ourselves appreciating our early morning wake up calls from nearby roosters and it was great to stay on the fresh (and wet) side as evenings with the rain started to feel a bit romantic mid-way through our honeymoon stay! In fact, the dry sunny side felt boring and one-dimensional and we enjoyed being so close to Hana and Paia. In Chinese Culture, Grasshoppers and crickets are a good luck sign, and so it was nice to see them as well. Anything that could potentially be on the downside–ended up being really refreshing and a new adventure! Our favorite experience was the New Moon Ceremony, along with guided meditation and astrological sharing, stunning multi-media visuals, and a blissful Cacao ceremony.

John Laughinghawk, Atlanta, Georgia

My first nights and days on Maui were deliciously cocooned here. Donny and Heather have created a beautiful, comfortable haven upon truly sacred land. Their joy and creativity are obvious in everything they offer. Staying with them is a gift you give yourself. Aloha

Joy Taylor, Mt. Shasta


I love your place and really enjoyed my time with Heather and Donny! Very refreshing, quiet and transformative! I highly recommend your center. PEACE awaits.

Candy C

Bronx, NY

The Sound Healing journeys were the most magical and spiritual experiences of my life. It was the most amazing experience ever! Each day I left the studio in such a state of mind that I had to take a nap! I will recommend anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves to try it. I’m back already, but I’m homesick … I miss Maui! Thanks so very much for having this type of experience at my fingertips!

Laura H


I loved how personal the experience was and the peacefulness of the accommodations. The itinerary was flexible enough to consider what I was in the mood for that day and they had excellent suggestions on what they thought I would like. I saw a glimpse into a very different perspective from Heather which will always stay with me. I also learned a lot about yoga, sound healing, cooking, healing practices and I especially loved the aerial yoga and swimming in the pool at the top of the waterfall.


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