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Danielle S


Amazing! A life-changing experience!!! I really enjoyed learning Aerial Yoga Play. The Sound Healing journeys were amazing. I got to meet my spirit guide. I got to do a lot of internal work and checking in with myself. I had some valuable piano lessons from Donny too. The itinerary was perfect and it was definitely great value for the money and the life lessons I received were invaluable!

Schuyler W

Washington, DC

Heather & Donny are wonderful people with an amazing setup for yoga, mindfulness and relaxation. They were very accessible and accommodating, dedicated to making the experience exactly what their customers wanted. The infrared sauna was a very special addition which I used 2x per day and feel like it helped with my overall relaxation/rejuvenation. I learned a lot with the aerial yoga and sound healing as well – both were new to me! I would definitely go back and hope for less rain!

Dr. Purvi Parwani

San Francisco

I wanted to get myself out of busy environment of SF. My goal was to refresh myself and rejuvenate in Hawaii. I landed in Hawaii on an afternoon, the evening was New moon ceremony which was an out of the world experience. Very calming. I have been told that everyone can have different experiences during sound healing but for me it was like I was in a lucid dream. I could not think or fall asleep. It was music and nature and some state of mind that I have only achieved during meditation. Very relaxing. Next day morning after breakfast, we did yoga and sound healing again. Food is made fresh for lunch from the vegetable harvested from garden. Like home, we used the left overs from lunch for dinner if we were hungry. Unlike what I thought, I was actually not hungry at all in between meals or after dinner. Unfortunately during my stay at Black Swan Temple, weather was bit tricky and it rained a lot which restricted my access to pretty much anything outside. That was a big learning experience considering I was traveling alone and it gave me a chance for me to come closer to myself. Living in midst of jungle with sounds of birds, rain and trees was something I had never done and it definitely was out of my comfort zone, but I am glad I did. Heather and Donny are two very kind individuals and I enjoyed my stay very much.

Mark Stephen Chasan, Esq


Heather and Donny are amazing! Aerial Yoga Play, Live Sound Healing, Meditation and Haiku Beauty! And of course Jen Healy’s amazing Yoga Swings! AWEsome experience!!! Mahalo Nui Loa!!

Emily Griffiths, Esq


Thom and I really enjoyed the retreat, we found the yoga and sound healing sessions very relaxing and the food was wholesome and delicious.

Sarah Balsiger


It was an awesome retreat. Great value, very lovely accommodations, beautiful surrounding at the palm farm, so green and lot of natural sound that suited very well to the retreat, the yoga and the sound healing. I learned how to integrate the nature more in my life. As I’m living in the city/town I don’t feel all the time connected with the nature or I forget how healing it is. The stay in the retreat, and the sound healing (which often reminded me also of sounds in the nature), showed me, how nice it is for the body and how I sometimes forget to spend more time in nature. The yoga for my body and mind was the right intensity, as I like the Hatha Yoga. The Aerial Yoga Play was something new and wonderful. It showed me that my body can exercise without pain (thank you so much for that). The Sound Healing was definitely healing, as it made me feel very comfortable and I could switch off my mind many times and just let go.

Katherine F

Vancouver, Canada

Thank you for hosting my stay. It’s been a rough few months leading up to this so I appreciated a respite in the jungle and to concentrate on yoga. Really appreciate all the help and support!

Nikki Ueda

Tokoyo/San Francisco

Thanks soooo much for your hospitality! Sound Healing was amaaaazing. I feel so refreshed and reset.

Aubrie Murphy


Still blissed from yesterday’s cosmic session of aerial yoga, accompanied by ethereal live music, followed by beautiful crystal bowl sound healing, a little yogassage and finished with a delicious, vibrant feast (we ate kale from Oprah’s garden)! Today, as the blessings continue, these words of wisdom, from High Priestess/Sound Healer/Yogini Heather Salmon, fill my soul: “the Technology of Gratitude!”

Professor Lance T. Bolt


Love you beautiful people. Harbin retreat 2014. I am still resonating from the crystal bowl meditation session!


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