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The High Priestess Virgo with New Moon

September 9th, 2019

as the ! Virgo is the sovereign woman, whole unto herself. Virgo’s often get the rap as being overly meticulous and detail oriented. But when you look at this through the lens of creating sacred space, of course being clean, neat and having a eye for details in creating altars and beautiful spaces is of utmost important in bringing us into the energy of the .

When we are in a clean and beautifully created space, we can relax and when we can relax we can tune into the divine and our inner guidance.


 So we ask, how do you create sacred space in your life — in your home, in your relationships, in the way you serve in the world?

And in what areas would you like to create more sacredness in — home, relationships, career, vocation? How can you create it?

Lastly, take a moment to allow your inner High Priest or High Priestess to speak with you. What do they have to say about how you are doing with walking your sacred path? Do they have any advice or words of wisdom for you?

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