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When Best Replica Watches Omega Aqua Terra Chronograph GMT Review released the caliber 9300 movement in 2011 (hands-on first look and explanation here), the Replica Watches was to have an exceptional in-house chronograph that was modern in every way, have a column wheel, silicon parts in the escapement, and be useful. Especially in their higher-end collections such as the De Ville, Planet Ocean, and Aqua Terra. So I waited for Baselworld to find out. What I learned is that not only will Replica Watches Omega release an Aqua Terra with an in-house made movement, but that it will also have a GMT complication. The question was reasonable as Omega is making a point to replace all watches with non in-house made movements with in-house made movements. is all part of the new Replica Watches Omega Caliber 9605 automatic movement. With a new movement and solid looks, this is the semi-formal sport watch in the Replica Watches Omega Aqua Terra collection to lust after. I had no idea that the Omega Aqua Terra collection was so beloved until Omega Aqua Terra Chronograph GMT Replica viewers started to ask en masse a few months before Baselworld 2013 whether or not Replica Watches was going to insert their newer in-house made Caliber 9300 automatic chronograph into an Omega Aqua Terra model. Replica Watches Omega also needed something to compete with Breitling;s Caliber 04 movement (here in the Chronomat 44 GMT watch review). I have a feeling that the 9605 is every bit as impressive as the 9300 in terms of accuracy and utility We still don;t have a quick set feature for the date, but otherwise this is a damn useful automatic movement. In the 9300, the left subdial was for the running seconds. In the caliber 9605 you have a GMT hand in there as well. Now the two subdials are better balanced with two hands each. This Replica Watches also upgrades the utility of Omega;s in-house movement to offer that extra Omega Replica Watch. A chronograph with date and GMT hand is a wonderful travel watch. Essentially, the 9605 is a version of the 9300 with a GMT hand in one of the subdials. Though, this really rounds out the design. It uses two subdials for the full 12 hour chronograph. puts two hands in the right subdial, which measures both the chronograph hours and minutes.